India Made Jaguar XJ 2.0L Petrol Launched For Rs 93.24 Lakh

The festive season of India compelled Jaguar to bring its new product to the market. As earlier this year, successfully launched the XJ LWB of 3.0-liter diesel, the automaker now launched XJ LWB of 2.0-liter petrol for a price of Rs 93.24 lakh ex-showroom Mumbai (pre-octroi).

On the technical note, 2.0-liter i4 turbocharged, six-cylinder petrol engine delivers max power of 177kW @ 5,500 rpm and max torque of 340Nm @ 1,750 rpm.

The engine is tuned especially for India to yield fuel-economy like that of a four-cylinder unit.

India Made Jaguar XJ 2.0L Petrol Launched For Rs 93.24 Lakh

Inside cabin, the luxuries for the given price tag are complemented by massage seats for rear passengers,  increased headroom, electrically operational rear side window blind, couple of 10.2-inch LCD screens, soft door close, LED reading lights at rear, freshly designed business tables, and on the top of all a very bombastic 825watt Meridian Surround Music System.

Hence, this year Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) too completed five years in the country. So brining their flagship sedan to local manufacturing bay of Pune is also an addition to their celebratory pinnacle.

Jaguar XJ 2.0L Petrol Interior

Maruti Ciaz Details Revealed

Ciaz isn’t an ordinary car from Maruti pitched to fill the gap. It’s the gate-pass of automaker to penetrate the upmarket section with a very efficient price tag. The launch is still days away, but details are sneaked quite before to notch up the excitement level. Just to brief, the Bollywood actor Ranbir Singh is roped in for the endorsement deal, means the youths are on spearhead.

Maruti Ciaz to be available in four trims: V, V+, Z and Z+ provided in seven color options.

The first impression marked by Ciaz is tastefully obvious of a long sedan measuring 4490mm in length and having deployed 16-inch wheels on the top-end variant. Other styling cues are sufficient to comment it from a Maruti’s stable. The Suzuki’s logo boldly engraved on the front daunts over the projector headlamps and chromed grille. The tails lamps of production-specific Ciaz get differentiated than the concept that was unveiled at the Delhi Auto Expo 2014. Turning the car around, creases aren’t so remarkable but they seamlessly join the front bumper to the tail lamps; rather the tail lamps impose a resemblance from the new Honda City.  The blackened B-pillar completes it all as per the taste.

Maruti Ciaz Details Revealed


The cabin is plush than any of the Maruti available on sale in this category. With finer quality materials, and better plastic grains, the car flaws out to be from the German repertoire instead. Beige color selection for the cabin, and black contrasting patters the packaging ideology. Chromes on certain areas are subtle and aren’t in abundance to feed the typical Indian customer. The central console is adored to ‘partly-empty and partly-filled’ aura. Touchscreen infotainment system dominates the whole attire. Large size cup holders and charging socket hidden underneath a stealth cover isn’t understood yet.

Rear air-con vents are ergonomically perfect not obstructing the space for third person. The spacious rear seat filled to entice the Indian buyers with ample of leg and head room may house three at a time. There will be steering mounted controls for the top-end. Meanwhile, the boot is gulped with enormous space and an electrically lifted tail gate.

Maruti Ciaz Interior

The driver’s console doesn’t boast panoramic drama. Dials are kept simple with easy to read numbers and the plastic quality near the power-window switches are of nifty uality. The hold of steering is good but lacks that sporty and youth feel.

Infotainment System:

The infotainment system on the Ciaz is named as “SmartPlay” deployed only on the higher trims. It gets compatible with the media playback via SD card and AUX/USB. Bluetooth telephony for hands-free calling, built-in navigation, voice recognition for phone and other media functions are its added advantages. The screen doubles up its role-play when needed for the reverse parking camera.

Maruti Ciaz Details Revealed

Equipment List:

Equipment list controlled by number of features includes projector headlamps, rear AC vents, automatic climate control, keyless entry, side-indicators infused and electrically foldable ORVMs, charging sockets, twin reading lights for the rear passengers. High-trim buyers can get leather on the steering. Push-start button, auto-dimming rear view mirrors, adjustable height for driver seat, rear sunshade, and controls mounted on steering are the gimmicks for those who prefers to drive Ciaz by themselves. The standard alloy size is 15-inch, but anyone opting for the top-two trims (Z and Z+) will be given with 16-inch. Music system consisted of four-speakers and two-tweeters isn’t sources from a branded sound maker.


Safety is not overlooked despite the preference of a pocket-friendly pricing. The ABS and EBD with driver airbag is standard on V+ trims, where the higher variants are done with passenger airbag inclusive of the rest.

New Maruti Ciaz


Now, ultimately the engine is not going to portray a new story for the Maruti’s only lacking category. The existed 1.4L K10B petrol engine of 91bhp and Fiat’s 1.3L Multijet diesel of 89bhp are the best. Refinement is much needed to drive the sales. Aesthetically, the company has given a better compression ratio to the petrol motor for improvement in performance, whereas the diesel engine is cranked on designing to whop a better fuel-efficiency and sounding reduction in friction. With such dedication, the Ciaz is claimed to deliver country’s best fuel-efficiency of 26.3kpml in diesel and 20.73kmpl from petrol.

Though, there couldn’t be any better option in the category than Ciaz if it will hit the nail with absolute pocket-friendly pricing.

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New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Burst into Flames

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class was told to be the world’s best car, as it was launched to replicate the future of Mercedes into the coming decade. The recent incident of it bursting into flames seems proving the crucial decision of buying it or not?

However, the Italian supercars are always reported of bursting into flames, and sometimes Germans too, but not from the Stuttgart. This time, a one from the Stuttgart, the two-week old Mercedes-Benz class-defining new S-Class is found bursting into flames.

The car was driven by an elderly couple in the Southern Germany, when a serious fire spontaneously started fuming under the bonnet. Gracefully, all the passengers inside the car managed to escape in time, no one was seriously injured.

New Mercedes-Benz S-Class Burst into Flames

The local fire department wasted no minutes in arriving at the spot, and 18 firemen along with three firetrucks were bloke to put off the flames bursting from car.

Mercedes benz s class catches
According to the sources, cause of fire remained unknown, while the police investigations are going on. Even the engineers of Mercedes-Benz are investigating the case with anxiety, as to know what had went wrong with the world’s best car and made it to jolt with flames.

Mercedes benz s class catches Photo
Hopefully, as far as our rowing eyes are studded, this seems to be the first incident of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class of the W222 variety.

Mercedes benz s class catches Pic

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML350 CDI : Review

Recently, Mercedes launched the new 2012 Mercedes Benz ML350 CDI in India, with a price-tag of Rs. 66 lakhs. The SUV is initially being offered with AMG styling, via the CBU route but plans are underway to locally assemble the car and launch a cheaper variant without the AMG bodykit, for a price of Rs. 56.90 (ex-showroom Delhi).

The German luxury carmaker had first unveiled the ML350 SUV at the 2012 Auto Expo in January and had announced an April launch.  However, after the customs duty hike prescribed by the Union Budget, Mercedes had to postpone its launch.

The new 2012 ML350 SUV will replace the current model sold in India and has been armed with some powerful upgrades.


The brand new 2012 ML350 SUV not only looks more aggressive, but also more appealing compared to its predecessor. The 2012 ML350 SUV measures  4.8 metres in length and 1.9 metres in width, with a height of 1.8 metres. The new SUV features nice cut-wheel arches, AMG-type vents on the bonnet and a big front grille with a large Mercedes logo at the centre. Mercedes has added new headlamps and even an all new bumper design.

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI

The bigger dimensions and the exquisite styling give the 2012 ML350 SUV a more dynamic look, in contrast to the relatively conservativeappearance of its predecessor.

Features & Safety

The new ML350 SUV comes packed with many more new features and also several improvements over existing features. Truly, Mercedes has left no stone unturned in making the 5-seater SUV fit for any terrain- urban crawl or hilly climbs.

The dashboard looks brilliant with an instrument panel that looks like something out of a fighter jet, smooth AC vents and great central console features. The communication and entertainment systems are absolutely state-of-the-art. The cabin is very spacious and no compromise has been made in terms of luggage space. Legroom and headroom are also ample.

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI

The SUV is built to tackle any terrain but safety features have received an upgrade. The 2012 ML350 features 2-stage front airbags, sidebags in the front and windowbags, optional rear sidebags, NECK-PRO crash responsive head restraints, self-supporting body, energy absorbing rear and front structures, belt tensioner, anti-lock braking system (ABS) and acceleration skid control (ASR), PRE-SAFE system and the ESP/4ETS dynamic handling control system.


Under the hood, the 2012 ML350 SUV is powered by a 3.0-litre common-rail direct injection diesel engine just like the previous version. However, Mercedes has integrated many tweaks and performance upgrades in the engine, increasing the overall efficiency and ensuring lower emissions. The SUV generates maximum power of 231hp at 3800rpm and a cool 620Nm of torque at 1600-2400rpm. This high torque can take the SUV (with a total weight of 2175kg) from 0 to 100kmh in just 7.4 seconds.

The new ML350 SUV will come with 7-speed 7G-tronic transmission, and Mercedes is also offering other features such as permanent 4-wheel drive, brake energy recuperation functions and automatic start/stop.

2012 Mercedes-Benz ML 350 CDI

You may be forgiven to make the mistake of assuming that the 2012 ML350 runs on a petrol engine- the engine sound is just so smooth! Even from the outside, you do not hear the typical diesel motor rattle heard in other diesel cars and vibration too is very little- even while revving the engine!

Since most SUVs in India are used for driving on urban terrain, the ML350’s larger dimensions may make it difficult to manoeuvre while stuck in tight city traffic. But rest assured,the 2012 Mercedes Benz ML350 SUV is worth any penny. Be sure to include the AMG bodykit if you’re primarily going to use the vehicle for urban travel.

The 2012 Mercedes Benz ML350 SUV will go for Rs. 66 lakhs (ex-showroom Delhi) in India.

Skoda Yeti in India: First ride review

A Yeti is a myth, but this baby beast has learned to walk on two. The predecessor of this SUV, Yeti 4X4 was clearly a fun to drive, powerful, small machine. However, the rising fuel costs made it appear like a thirsty monster.

How cleverly, Skoda took initiatives to give this myth, a touch of reality. The new Skoda Yeti 4X2, is now front wheel drive only. And the changes don’t stick to the transfer case alone, the engine has been tuned to give less horses. The power figures now are as 110bhp from 140 bhp and the torque is reduced to 250Nm from 320Nm. Also, to keep the power going to wheels at this reduced torque and power figures, Yeti employs new 5-speed transmission.

Skoda Yeti in India

The Skoda 4X4 Yeti was a brilliant car, cleaner, greener and smaller than most SUVs. Fortunately, it has left its footprints in this new FWD version. Apart from lack of power, the new Yeti has high-end features, which make it no lesser than any premium class SUV in market. Though the power transfer is only to two wheels now, Skoda has retained its standards, where it matters. You don’t feel excessive power, or the lack of it, just like in the more powerful version. The engine is super refined and tempts you to push further.

There is a drop of 30bhp from the more powerful version. But to compensate with that, Skoda has given a very clever gearing ratio. With the new 5-speed transmission, there is power flowing to the wheels without the sense of lag. The turbo kicks at below 2000revs and above it, its just glides effortlessly.

Skoda Yeti in India

The acceleration is definitely good for city. It overtakes cleanly without having to tap down gears to rev higher. Its compact design and good ground clearance gives an extra edge in traffic. However, the new gearbox doesn’t pay off as much on highways. On higher gears, the SUV doesn’t give the joy of driving like its predecessor.

The SUV performed best between 3000 to 4000 rpm and keeping the gears high. It wasn’t surprisingly fast, but not agonizingly slow either. Ideal for city driving with the compact design and good ground clearance, this is stable at the sudden throttle responses. However, it is not the same when you go off the track. The 4X4 was undoubtedly the beast of the mountains, this FWD is not faster out on the trails.

Skoda Yeti in India

With a dead to 100kmph of 11.55 seconds, the FWD is only a second slower than the 4X4. Skoda smartly detuned the engine while keeping the weight low to give a better fuel economy. An expected 12.5kmpl in city and 19.5kmpl on highway, the Skoda Yeti is not thirsty like other SUVs.

The SUV is fun to punt around corners. Being a FWD car, it does have understeer, which is good, unlike most cars of its subsidiary Volkswagen. Its quick and aggressive like a sedan. And so is its ability to corner.

Skoda have packed in a lot, in this baby SUV. However, it retains its good and solid quality, and high on comfort nature. Not the best SUV on paper or off-road, but that isn’t where you will be driving this SUV. The more than adequate power, compact design and good fuel economy makes the Skoda Yeti a better city SUV than any other.

Skoda Yeti interior

New Mercedes Benz C220: Review

The epitome of perfection and performance is what Mercedes Benz symbolizes and the legacy of Mercedes Benz has been into the limelight for decades and decades. Starting with the A and B class hatchbacks, Mercedes Benz has a whole series of luxurious cars which have been highly revered as first-rate. Mercedes Benz separates itself from other class of cars in its line but still has to go a long way to reach the throne where BMW is sitting comfortably.

Now the latest beauty to set foot in the sun out of the garage is Mercedes C220 which is speculated to be amongst the most promising launches by Mercedes Benz this year. With the all new features attached to the car both ergonomically and looks-wise, Mercedes C220 is already gathering hype amongst Mercedes Benz enthusiasts all across India and people are enthusiastic about the launch of this new model. Mercedes Benz has come a long way in the past decade and has launched one of the best line-up of cars in the Indian market. Listed below are the factors that makes Mercedes C220 outshine all the other cars in its class.

New Mercedes Benz C220


The exteriors of the car have been revamped to a great extent as Mercedes has always been upgrading its cars in some or the other manner. The new Mercedes Benz C220 will be sporting a panoramic sunroof along with a new revamped fascia. A new chunky grille has been fitted in the outside along with LED day-time running lights and Bi-Xenon headlamps. New side-skirts have been inserted into the model along with a bumper that has been restyled. Mercedes Benz has also launched a sport version of C220 in which there are alloy wheels of 18’’ inches and 7 spokes. All these features redefine the class of Mercedes C220 and give it the appeal of a Mercedes AMG.


The interiors of the car have been overhauled using nappa leather fabrics and brushed aluminum which in turn makes the dashboard look classier. The dashboard has a finishing of black metal and the steering wheel boasts of 12 different buttons including audio controls which have been necessary in every Mercedes Benz variant. The interior of Mercedes C220 has been worked upon and there are new inclusions amongst the features that one will come across while sitting in the driver’s cabin. The whole cabin has been filled with cluster of cubbyholes which gives a good feeling to anyone seated inside the cabin.

New Mercedes Benz C220 interior


Mercedes Benz C220 will come in 2.0 L CGI petrol engine which is perfect for a highway journey and the engines the Mercedes Benz puts in its cars has always been acknowledged owing to the swiftness and high revving performance of the car. The gearbox that used to come with the predecessor models of Mercedes C220 has been upgraded to a new G-tronic 7-speed automatic gearbox which is capable of making smoother shifts and swifter movements. This mode runs well in both sportmode case as well as general case.

The main highlight in the upgradation of performance and powertrain has been the inclusion of the new suspension which is much better than what Mercedes Benz used to have till date. The suspension that comes with Mercedes C220 is quite adaptive and can take up even the strongest of jerks. A suspension is considered as one of the most important components of an automobile as without a good suspension, a car can never move properly on uneven roads and rocky terrains. So Mercedes Benz C220 with its upgraded adaptive suspension is capable of taking rough surfaces and the tires that come with C220 are of optimum quality which provide perfect durability and traction control. Thus the car has very less chances of skidding on roads even if the road is slippery or the weather is adverse. The suspension functions in such manner that it adjusts the dampers present in each wheel to hard or soft depending upon the type of road the car is travelling on and can take proper swerves around corners with losing control of the car.

New Mercedes Benz C220

All these ergonomic features adds bonus points to the Mercedes Benz C220 and thus make the ride smoother for the passengers travelling in the cabin comfortably.


Mercedes Benz has installed safety airbags in the driver’s cabin both in front as well as sides of the car. The seat belts that come with Mercedes Benz C220 are adjustable to the height of the passenger and consist of pre-tensioners to decrease the stress caused by the belt on the body. Child-lock feature is also available in the car and there is anti-brake locking system along with electronic immobilizer.


The base price of Mercedes Benz C220 has been fixed at Rs.30,00,000 and the price goes up for the sports model of the car.