New Mercedes Benz C220: Review

The epitome of perfection and performance is what Mercedes Benz symbolizes and the legacy of Mercedes Benz has been into the limelight for decades and decades. Starting with the A and B class hatchbacks, Mercedes Benz has a whole series of luxurious cars which have been highly revered as first-rate. Mercedes Benz separates itself from other class of cars in its line but still has to go a long way to reach the throne where BMW is sitting comfortably.

Now the latest beauty to set foot in the sun out of the garage is Mercedes C220 which is speculated to be amongst the most promising launches by Mercedes Benz this year. With the all new features attached to the car both ergonomically and looks-wise, Mercedes C220 is already gathering hype amongst Mercedes Benz enthusiasts all across India and people are enthusiastic about the launch of this new model. Mercedes Benz has come a long way in the past decade and has launched one of the best line-up of cars in the Indian market. Listed below are the factors that makes Mercedes C220 outshine all the other cars in its class.

New Mercedes Benz C220


The exteriors of the car have been revamped to a great extent as Mercedes has always been upgrading its cars in some or the other manner. The new Mercedes Benz C220 will be sporting a panoramic sunroof along with a new revamped fascia. A new chunky grille has been fitted in the outside along with LED day-time running lights and Bi-Xenon headlamps. New side-skirts have been inserted into the model along with a bumper that has been restyled. Mercedes Benz has also launched a sport version of C220 in which there are alloy wheels of 18’’ inches and 7 spokes. All these features redefine the class of Mercedes C220 and give it the appeal of a Mercedes AMG.


The interiors of the car have been overhauled using nappa leather fabrics and brushed aluminum which in turn makes the dashboard look classier. The dashboard has a finishing of black metal and the steering wheel boasts of 12 different buttons including audio controls which have been necessary in every Mercedes Benz variant. The interior of Mercedes C220 has been worked upon and there are new inclusions amongst the features that one will come across while sitting in the driver’s cabin. The whole cabin has been filled with cluster of cubbyholes which gives a good feeling to anyone seated inside the cabin.

New Mercedes Benz C220 interior


Mercedes Benz C220 will come in 2.0 L CGI petrol engine which is perfect for a highway journey and the engines the Mercedes Benz puts in its cars has always been acknowledged owing to the swiftness and high revving performance of the car. The gearbox that used to come with the predecessor models of Mercedes C220 has been upgraded to a new G-tronic 7-speed automatic gearbox which is capable of making smoother shifts and swifter movements. This mode runs well in both sportmode case as well as general case.

The main highlight in the upgradation of performance and powertrain has been the inclusion of the new suspension which is much better than what Mercedes Benz used to have till date. The suspension that comes with Mercedes C220 is quite adaptive and can take up even the strongest of jerks. A suspension is considered as one of the most important components of an automobile as without a good suspension, a car can never move properly on uneven roads and rocky terrains. So Mercedes Benz C220 with its upgraded adaptive suspension is capable of taking rough surfaces and the tires that come with C220 are of optimum quality which provide perfect durability and traction control. Thus the car has very less chances of skidding on roads even if the road is slippery or the weather is adverse. The suspension functions in such manner that it adjusts the dampers present in each wheel to hard or soft depending upon the type of road the car is travelling on and can take proper swerves around corners with losing control of the car.

New Mercedes Benz C220

All these ergonomic features adds bonus points to the Mercedes Benz C220 and thus make the ride smoother for the passengers travelling in the cabin comfortably.


Mercedes Benz has installed safety airbags in the driver’s cabin both in front as well as sides of the car. The seat belts that come with Mercedes Benz C220 are adjustable to the height of the passenger and consist of pre-tensioners to decrease the stress caused by the belt on the body. Child-lock feature is also available in the car and there is anti-brake locking system along with electronic immobilizer.


The base price of Mercedes Benz C220 has been fixed at Rs.30,00,000 and the price goes up for the sports model of the car.

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