Tata Aria Automatic (AT) spied for the first time ever

Well, it isn’t a fallacy that Tata Aria had failed to make an impact on India market. To its addition, we also witnessed the heaps and heaps of Arias getting flourished in the dust at the various warehouses of Tata. Hence, to conclude the sales for clearing those clutters from the warehouses, Tata is needed to reposition the product in the market, which initially it had played the blissfully wrong card/s at the time of drawing it in the market. Initially, the market experts says, it would be the price which the Tata Motors should look into for getting  things proper, and the another option is to tweak it a bit to roll it out in the variants which are most desirable amongst the audience. Looking out at Tata, it seems to be trying out both the options, where disappointingly we didn’t know about the former option (i.e. changes in prices) but faithfully we had fallen on the latter where the spies at MotorBash had clued us of Tata developing the automatic version of Aria to counter the ongoing trend in the market.

Viewers here may not be able to spot why these stupid sets of images are claiming the vehicle to be Aria automatic. Let us explain, the badge fitted on the windscreen of Aria has something encrypted on it. And if one would watch it precisely then he can notice the “Vehicle Type: Aria AT xxx” written on it with a ball pen. Though the scripture on the label is quite faded, but it isn’t that disappointing where one cannot see it even after “zooming” it.

Tata Aria Automatic (AT) Pics in India
Our spy-friends at MotorBash are claiming that they had witnessed this vehicle where they had spotted the Sumo Grande facelift recently (at a fuel-station in Pune). Hence confirming their ‘genuine frolic’ so far we too are contented with this spy-shot.

Tata Aria Automatic

However, the launch of automatic Aria is not on the concrete ground as far as what we had learnt from the Tata officials at various events. This test mule maybe posing as a streak to the in-house testing material, which may/or may not be meant for the export market.

The time will only tell what this Indian carmaker had stored for us underneath its hat. The latest which is going to come from the stable of Tata will be the Nano diesel. We shall keep our fingers crossed for the good to happen to this Indian automobile brand, and also the automobile fraternity of India with its vehicles.

Tata Aria Automatic (AT) Pics

Image Courtesy: MotorBash

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