Tata Indica Caught Fire In Mumbai

Making to the headlines once again, Tata Motors’ Indica caught fire amidst Mumbai’s WEH (Western Express Highway) yesterday early morning.

The incident caught the traffic hauled over the stretch for hours. The traffic snarl was continued unless and until the police officials moved that charred vehicle to a nearby service road.

Incident happened suddenly when the driver managed to start the car amidst the road. Incidentally, fire broke out of the bonnet, and a passenger sitting on the backseat was told to evacuate the cabin soon. A passenger and the driver were the only occupants in that black-colored Indica which refueled the tank at a Goregaon fuel-station.

Tata Indica Caught Fire In Mumbai

The car was merely five years old and was registered in the name of Supriya Shashidhar. The cause of fire cited by the police official was the short circuit which sparked out when the driver managed to push the Indica’s engine to life.

Thankfully, no one is injured and the firemen arrived at the spot on time managed to sort out the remains within the flux. They said, it’s fortunate the fuel-tank hadn’t exploded otherwise the consequences would have been worst.

The traffic jammed on the highway was entailed to Goregaon, with passing vehicles making it more complex by clicking the pictures of the burnt car for their social media updates.

Tata Indica Caught Fire In Mumbai

Ultimately, looking at the vehicle after the havoc, it is completely charred to a piece of metal within minutes after the incident.

Police official have registered a case of accident for this.

Source: Mid-Day

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