Tata Nano Diesel not going to Launch before 2014

As we all know that Tata Nano diesel is doing rounds in the outskirts of our cities but the official launch is not slated to happen very soon. Just recently we got our hands on the very interesting piece of news which talks a bit confirming placement on the bespoken model plate.

Very exclusively, we have been invited to the Xtreme Drive of Safari Storme in Mumbai, where the Tata officials were cracking down some codes of secrecy on their upcoming newbies, bestowing that diesel version of the world’s cheapest car is on the ‘sound and vibration test’ inside cabin.

The pictures that we had witnessed recently were of the same derivations, also checking return on fuel figures precisely.

Tata Nano Diesel

Hence, it is learnt, launch not slated nearby, comprising the testing results, it may take this complete full year and a quarter of the next one too, maybe to work out the sprouting tweaks from Union budget, making time to reach this same period of next year, ‘May 2014’ can be termed if stated properly.

Tata is famous for entering the market before anyone else could, so that 800 cc tweaked oil burner of Ace will might prove boon for its makers, where the segment is vying for too long to get these sort of assortments in their kitty, which Maruti is still not confirmed on the part, and busy searching applications for same, rather than embedding its Santro, Alto with the same power mill, that may land here by end of 2014 or so.

Till then ‘wait and watch’ game is suitable for gambling the Nano-tic 800 cc temperament.

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