Tata Nano Going to be Sold Online?

Nano was made with a vision to bright the future of Tata Motors. Political issues ruled out the planning of manufacturing bay during the initial stage and also the heavily surged steel price made the engineers at Indian carmaker’s end to go back to the design board and redesign the product. Then Nano was in trouble to suit the respective price band of Rs. 1 lakh, yet masters however completed the job in right time. But not to deny the fact, Tata made a ‘cold-blooded’ launch with the first generation of Nano due to such causes, at later stage it rolled out the new Nano (in a new avatar) which fared well against the previous one.

Again to bring in more of the numbers on the paddock of world’s cheapest car, Tata is working out a new strategy in the sales-technique of Nano ‘facelift’. And as stated by Business Standard the carmaker is working to sell Nano directly through the internet itself. Yes, the automaker had recently launched the new sorts of services (under ‘Horizonext’) across its whole passenger vehicle range, in which it had successfully sold some of the units directly on the internet, and vying to start the fully fledged sales very soon.

Under the hat of technology as slated, if the customers who are not able to pay the entire amount of car at the time of booking then they can make partial payment as the booking amount, while remaining sum has to be cleared when the car is delivered at their doorstep via nearest Tata dealership.

Tata Nano
Hope so, it may help to garner the sales of Nano facelift very easily, and it can reach the customers who are busy a lot, even some who had internet connection but not a Tata dealership for booking Nano on his daily routine to office/schedule!

Lastly, the major benefit that is going to be derived from this initiative is for the customers. They will be barred from paying the additional amount to dealers which they end up in making huge sum of the cost.

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