Tata Nano Now Available in Nepal

Tata recently launched the Nano in neighbouring country, Nepal. This marks the third nation where the Nano is available following India, then Sri Lanka. In this market, the Nano will be available for Nepal Rupees 7,98,000 or INR 5 lakhs.

While the price is a lot more than what it is offered for in India, the reason why Nepal consumers will have to pay more is because of the high import duties prevalent in Nepal. All of the 3 hatchback variants will be available in Nepal. Orders for the car began from yesterday itself, and will continue for ten more days since opening. Following that bookings will be closed for servicing orders.

The Tata Nano will be available in Nepal through Sipradi Trading from fourteen Sipradi owned and authorised dealer outlets. Tata is doing the best it can to ensure that the potential buyers of the Nano in Nepal do not harbor any misgivings regarding the small car’s robustness or reliability. For this, the company will have two Nano’s undertake a 40,000km journey across Nepal, being showcased in 15 different locations.

The company, so far, seems to meeting their people’s car expectation. The new export plans by Tata will only help to push volumes of the Nano, even as its demand in India does not look like it will increase dramatically as indicated by last month’s sales figures.

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