Tennessee Nissan Leaf Limousine

Nissan Leaf is seriously a technological marvel created by the Japanese car manufacturer. Nissan Leaf has already tons of praise and adulation for being attached with the Nissan’s contribution towards developing the electric range of cars. Nissan Leaf also grabbed the title of European Car of the Year 2011 and recently it has become the fastest car to climb the Goodwood hill in reverse.

The Embassy SuitesNashville South is committed to luxury and wanted a new way to for commuting guests and an unidentified company fulfilled their dream by providing them a car which is which is not just the synonym for luxury but also eco-friendly.

Tennessee Nissan Leaf Limousine

The Director of sales at Embassy Suites Nashville South, Trevor Gouling, labels the car as the world’s first worthy electric powered licensed and legal Limousine. When asked about the car from Nissan they said that the car has been kept with its key features but has extensively been added with luxurious leather and cedar cladding.

The car has shifted the one battery pact to support the extended length. Overall the car looks stylish and is driving a lot of attention. Moreover, the eco-friendly part of the car is attracting more people who wish to shuttle in one of these.

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