The day when the mean machines roamed in Mumbai

The inhabitants of the dream city of Mumbai woke up to a roar on Sunday when a melee of sports cars burned the turpentine off the city roads amid a huge applause and cheers by the on-lookers. The third version of a prominent car show saw an attendance of 60 odd mean machines, which included the likes of Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Bentleys, Porsches and the Rolls-Royces. All these cars showed off their strut, much to the delight of the automobile enthusiasts. The metallic bodies, the sleek look glistening in the glory of the midday sun, certainly drew a gasp of awe. The show was a glimpse into the luxurious reality of the automobile marvels to the common man.

An 18-year college student from the suburb of Bandra was quoted as saying that it was no less than a dream comes true as he has never seen a Ferrari so close in all his life. The sound of its humming engine seemed like music to the ears.

The parking lot of Vidhan Bhawan was full of high-end cars. Humming and the rattles of their beastly powerful engines made for a riveting sessions with the babus, observed Aseem Sharma, a night automobile enthusiast, who works as a software professional. Gautam Singhania, a well known industrialist, the mastermind behind the show, was quoted as saying that initially when the idea of this show was conceived in 2009, the interest in these sport cars was driven by individual passion. But this is no more the case, as more and more super car owners are taking initiative to participate. This interest can be attributed to the increasing numbers of super car manufacturers which have opened their shop in India and the latest development of the F1 track coming up at Noida.

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