The Eco-super Mercedes

The pictures of the Mercedes Eco friendly super car are floating everywhere on the internet. We still don’t know the actual in and out of the car but we are pretty sure that Mercedes is ready for the counter attack on its rival BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics. As I already mentioned that we still don’t have much of the information about the super car but we are sure about two things, first that this car will be styled by the radical BIOME concept and second is that, this car will supposedly be launched in the year 2015. The BIOME concept was basically developed for the Los Angeles Auto Show design Challenge. The concept was created by the Mercedes California design Studio. It is supposed to be a ground hugging four seat coupe. More importantly the vision also involved to make this car less than 1000 pounds in weight.

Mercedes is supposed to adopt many features that will make this car even more interesting. Features like a central driving position flanked by the two passengers and the fourth seat, positioned right behind the second row and rear facing is unlikely to have the production feature. There are also elements within the design that could be easily progressed and developed in order to make this car the most happening car around the globe. The designers of the Mercedes say that they were conscious during the designing phase of the car as they thought that this car will be a too edgy and bulky one. But they were quite happy when the car came out after the development. There might be changes in the production version of the car as they are supposed to be fitted with the Mercedes Benz extensive alternative know- how power train. The head of the California design studio Hubert Lee said “we are proud to be associated with such ‘out of the box production.”

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