Top Personnel Change at Volkswagen Group Sales India

Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi, President and Managing Director Volkswagen India Private Limited, takes over additional responsibility as the Head of Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited with immediate effect.

In his new position, Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi is succeeding Mr. Gerasimos Dorizas, former Chief Representative Volkswagen Group India and former Managing Director Volkswagen Group Sales India Private Limited, who is returning to Europe for personal reasons.

Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi (48) completed his Engineering and Management degrees in India and USA. Following a successful career in the Automotive Industry in the USA, Mr. Kodumudi joined the Volkswagen Group in 2008 and was appointed Executive Director – Corporate Purchasing for the Volkswagen Group in India. From 1st March 2013, he took over as President and Managing Director of Volkswagen India Private Limited at which time he assumed responsibility for the Indian Production Company of Volkswagen in Chakan, Pune.

Mr. Mahesh Kodumudi President & Managing Director of Volkswagen

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