Toyota Corolla Altis vs. Skoda Laura: Car Comparison

Before the entry into the auto market of the Toyota Corolla Altis, the Skoda Laura had been dominating the premium petrol-powered sedan segment. We take a look at the features of both these vehicles to analyze if any of the two has the capability to dominate the other.

The Exteriors:

Both the vehicles look attractive from outside with not much to set them apart from each other. The styling and lines of the new Corolla Altis seem to be inspired greatly from its bigger Camry model but it, in itself, is significantly bold and attractive. The Laura also has the sophisticated looks that are expected from most models from Skoda.

Toyota Corolla Altis


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The Laura is the bigger car, hence expected to be roomier inside. But lower weight of the Altis makes it function significantly better on the road compared to the Skoda Laura.

Skoda Laura in India

Key Features in the Exterior:

The key features that are incorporated in the Skoda Laura include:

  • The radiator grille has been chrome surrounded.
  • External mirrors with turn indicator.
  • 16” Alloy wheels from Draconis
  • RS-badge on deck lid and front grille.
  • Polish tailpipes having twin exhaust.
  • Sporty front bumper having integrated spoiler.
  • Pedal set made in stainless steel.

Toyota Corolla Altis in India

Some of the exterior features in the Toyota Corolla Altis include:

  • An electrically adjustable and retractable rear-view mirror on the outside.
  • External mirrors with turn signal.
  • 7-Spoke Alloy wheels.
  • Printed Antenna.

Skoda Laura in India

The Power Game:

The power game that the two vehicles indulge in is not much of a contest with the Skoda Laura and its power-packed engine dominating the Corolla Altis.

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Fuel Economy:

The Corolla Altis being the lighter vehicle performs much better on the city roads, whereas the power-packed drive of the Laura makes it perform slightly better on highways. The overall mileage factor sees the Altis edge the Laura out a bit as it offers 9.8km/liter as against 8.9 km/liter of the latter.

Toyota Corolla Altis in India Skoda Laura in India

Driving Performance and Comfort:

Having the more powerful engine makes the Skoda Laura cruise from 0 to 100 kmph in just 8.43 seconds whereas the Corolla Altis takes 11.8 seconds to achieve the same. However, brakes in the Corolla Altis function marginally better, a factor again supported by its light weight. It comes to a complete standstill from 80kmph in just 25.9m whereas the Laura needs 27.3m to stop from the same speed.

Features provided in the Skoda Laura for driving comfort include:

  • Height adjustment of seats for driver as well as front passenger, along with lumbar support adjustment.
  • Climatic air conditioning with manual control.
  • Rear AC vents provided below front seats.
  • Electrically adjustable windows for both front and rear.
  • Single-touch operation.

Skoda Laura interior

The Corolla Altis has also focused on driving comfort with features like:

  • AC with Heater.
  • Driver seat with 8-way power.
  • Tilt and Telescope steering.
  • 60:40 split foldable rear seat.


A surprise awaits you when you go inside these vehicles. Seeing the dimensions, it was assumed that the Skoda Laura would have sufficient room inside – the statement is indeed true. But the surprise that awaits us is with the Toyota Corolla Altis, which though dimensionally smaller, seem to have been provided with the maximum space in the interiors, even more than the Laura. Features inside are similar and there is nothing much to distinguish one from the other.

Toyota Corolla Altis interior


The Skoda Laura may be ahead of the Toyota Corolla Altis in quite a few parameters, but the price factor is where the Altis is a clear winner. The ex-showroom pricing for the Altis is Rs.13.93 Lakh whereas the Skoda Laura is available at Rs.15.81 Lakh. This is indeed a big price difference for two vehicles operating in the same segment and could become the key factor affecting your decision, when going to make the purchase.

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