Toyota Etios on a new job – the Brazilian Cop Car

Reporting the task for ‘cabs’ of India, Toyota Etios will now do the job of cop car in Brazil. However, it hadn’t reported the better sales-result there (blame it on the looks), now its maker had slotted it to make-up for the most of a dominating image when being planted in the fleet of Police vehicles.

It isn’t that easy for anyone to enter the official security fleet of government, hence, Etios was made to undergo the 20 stringent checks to register its name in the list. However, official confirmation is yet to come, but the image over here which was shot in Sao Paulo states the whole story clearly.

Brazilian version of Etios is powered by two engine options, namely 90PS 1.3 litre and a 97PS 1.5 litre of flex fuel.

Hopefully, after settling for the lesser number of sales everywhere why Toyota had started giving out its vehicle to the Police department, when he too knows that isn’t up to the exact mark of ‘rigidity’. But wait, there are some similarities between Brazil and India, so we hope doesn’t the Japanese are now thinking of putting that same on our local shores too. The previous example of Qualis is good example for us, which is worrying us a lot, but that means ‘Etios a complete no-no from our side to the local cops’!

Toyota Etios

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