Toyota Showcases New Features to Help Prevent Car Crashes

Among the most important features that the car has to offer, are probably its safety features, especially in the western auto markets, where safety features become crucial points when heading out to buy a car.

One such feature which many manufacturers have been showcasing of late is a crash avoidance technology, showcased recently by Swedish auto manufacturer, Volvo. Recently, the largest car manufacturer in the world, Toyota showcased a few of their new features and technologies that will be available in their cars.

While the company did not reveal much on these technologies, they showcased a new system, which is said to use both rear and front view cameras in combination with a wave radar tech for detecting obstacles and pedestrians the could result in an accident.

However the notable aspect of this system is not detecting in case of possible collision, but rather what it does after such detection. Upon detection, the system takes over control of the steering wheel for avoiding it, instead of just stopping the car, like most other systems.

The company is working on other features like a pop-up hood, which would be able to provide addition protection during a crash, and a steering wheel, which will be able to measure the heartbeat of the driver and prevent a crash, in case the driver has a heart attack. However there is no official word from the company, as to when these products will be available in their models.

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