Toyota Teases Headlamps of 2014 Corolla

2014 Toyota Corolla is on the way for speculated 6th June revelation, but news from the official site of carmaker gave in the headlight teasing image to make a cool pre-launch fanfare. Said to be coming in this month itself, the Japanese are seen making most of it with the already-released bunch of teaser images.

The headlamps of 2014 Corolla is done with the most advanced and good looking tweaks that will definitely match nowadays standards. And looking at the wheels, Toyota had sculpted it better than the previous attempts. New music system with a multifunction touch screen is also one of the bits that are going to command over the rest, where one too can use his phone assimilated with it.

Toyota 2014 Corolla sedan
However, not much liberalized on the technical aspect, Toyota is expected to do with the same 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine given down with options of manual and CVT gearboxes.

New Toyota Corolla

The regular boffins may have noted that Furia which debuted at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, claiming to be the next generation Corolla, is now not in the mood to arrive on the upcoming event. Looking at this one, Japanese are still seen following the sophistication bounded suited-booted route instead of the sporty and youth flaring crisps. The one thing which teasers concludes over here is, don’t expect Furia in the revelation, only mere cues are drawn from it.

2014 Toyota Corolla

That’s definitely true!

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