Training academy by Volkswagen in Pune

Not one to suffice with the introduction of their world class cars in India, Volkswagen India have now decided that they would provide Indian aspiring auto technicians with their commendable knowledge. They have opened an automotive technical knowledge center in Pune and this is the first of the many more in the offing. This is a 1500 square foot facility. The automotive technical knowledge center will provide for both theoretical as well as practical training for production technologies and vehicle production means. There are many halls for seminars as well as different section for information on vehicle technology as well as production details.

There would be also separate discourses and focus would also be given on customer serivce personnel, professional development of Volkswagen employees, personality development as also vocational training about Volkswagen in India. The opening of this automotive technical knowledge center was done at the auspicious hands of Lower Saxony’s Minister President, David McAllister and the Chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen AG, Dr. Martin Winterkorn. They both flew in specially for this occasion. The many polytechnic colleges in and around Pune can rejoice as the Volkswagen Group are looking to tie up with them for this vocational training course.

Mr. David McAllister mentioned that since the Volkswagen group are giving livelihood to many of the Indian families and this training center wasn’t only a brand building exercise and all the investment wasn’t only about bringing in machinery or ramp up of production but also invest in the people of India. He also notified that for the continued economic development of a country and for its personnel , vocational training is the key force.

Dr. Martin Winterkorn also corroborated this fact by letting the world know that Volkswagen Group wants to become the topmost automotive employer across the world. He said that they don’t differentiate between the developing and the developed regions. He said that Volkswagen’s high quality products can be manufactured only by highly skilled technicians across the world. He also added that all this professional development of the employees and world class vocational training provides strength to its employees and subsequently the entire region as well as the Volkswagen Group company.

President of the regional Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Mukesh Malhotra, was also present at this do. He also commented that this was a great move by the Volkswagen Group and one which would benefit the Indian community to a great extent. He also elaborated that this is a pilot project and one which many other manufacturers should take a leaf from and provide training to employees. In addition, there was a change in the Volkswagen Group’s top management for Volkswagen India. Joerg Mueller has been replaced by Frank Loschmann as the MD and President of Volkswagen India. This shuffle is part of the global one by the Volkswagen Group. Earlier Frank Loschmann was the MD of Engineering at Saschen Volkswagen.

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