Trick of the Trade- From Old Hazy Head Lamps to Old Shiny Headlamps

It’s been only a year since you purchased your car and you are already frustrated about the hazy headlamps of your car. The hazy headlamps lead to the reduced light intensity almost by thirty percent. Also it makes your car look older even it is just one year old. Not ready to change the headlamps but you also don’t know what to do? Here’s one thing you can do for sure. But I don’t promise you anything, as this is a high skill task, so the success rate of this task depends upon your own skill and capability because I can only guide you, rest is in your hands. So here’s the catch.


  1. There are two ways you can do it. If you don’t feel the need to remove the headlamps then simply use the masking tape around the headlamps but if you are comfortable in removing the headlamps then there’s no point of worry of ruining the paint of the car.
  2. Choose a well lit area in order to be more aware of what you are doing and also to monitor your progress.
  3. This technique works only on the plastic headlamps and not on the glass headlamps.

Things you’ll require:

  1. Masking tape
  2. Soap and water
  3. 800 and 1200 grit sand paper
  4. Swirl removing compound
  5. A handy towel and
  6. Obviously the headlamps of your car


  1. Gently remove the headlamps of your car or use the masking tape around the headlamps.
  2. Mix the detergent or soap in the water and apply it on your headlamps in order to remove dust deposited on it.
  3. Carefully, use an 800 grit sand paper on the top surface of the melted plastic. The pressure applied should be even on all the sides. You have to check the wetness of the surface of the headlamps in order to prevent the heat burns on the plastic. The motive of rubbing the headlamps with a sand paper is to get away with that unwanted melted sheet of plastic on it and nothing else.
  4. Now in order to reduce the coarse scratches left on the headlamps due to the previous step. Now rub the headlamps with the 1200 grit sand paper in order to get a finer result.
  5. Now, use a swirl removing compound on the headlamps and then finally wipe it off with the towel. One can also use a polishing ball for this step rather than using a swirl removing compound and a towel.
  6. Finally clean the lenses once again with the soapy water in order to remove any residue.
  7. Refit the headlamps or remove the masking tape and eureka here are old headlamps of your car which looks like absolutely new.

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