Tyler Barne comes up with a Batmobile-like 2015 Chevrolet Camaro design

Superheroes and their gadgets & accessories have always been very addictive and appealing. People everywhere have only one word to say nowadays -Batman. The Dark Knight Rises has been appreciated everywhere and has appealed amongst almost all its viewers. Catwoman, Selina Kyle is actually going to steel his Aventador followed by getting a ride on his custom-built air combat vehicle, the Batwing.

Gotham’s billionaire, Bruce didn’t hesitate to shell out hefty cash for his gadgets, vehicle and accessories. But if Bruce would have waited for some more time, he actually would have got himself a car that was easier for his wallet. The most appealing car that suited his personality would have been a Chevy. Well! If you think I’m talking about the Corvette you’ve actually mistaken. Chevrolet Camaro must have been a better choice to make for the billionaire then.

Tyler Barne comes up with a Batmobile like 2015 Chevrolet Camaro design

The best-suited vehicle for the Caped Crusader is Camaro new model and is being anticipated to hit the car markets sometime in 2015. While designers for the automaker have been visualizing a million versions for the Camaro, Tyler Barne, a 22-year old Lawrence Tech’s design graduate has come out with something that has made the design too appealing to be discarded. Barne seems to have fitted the entire theme of the Dark Knight in his design so effectively that the design of the car potentially fits into the Batmobile category.

As per Barne’s design, the 2015 Chevrolet Camaro would feature a very low roofline along with a prominently angular and pronounced front end. The design is certainly very modern and demonstrates the degree of futuristic designing potential Barne has, but the only constraint that appears now is that there are very fine or nil chances that General Motors would bring in a car with such a low roofline.

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