Used Honda City-for a starters delight

The rise of Honda has been phenomenal ever since the Japanese automaker made an entry in to Indian markets. But being a foreign brand it brings along with it a little extra financial baggage. So, if you are big fan of the brand called Honda and have saved penny by penny to get your first set of wheels, you gotta take a look at some of the used Honda City cars available in the second hand car market. You may me asking this question, are you guys gone nuts? A Honda city for a starter! But wait folks how does the excitement, butter smooth revvy engine, great handling and image sound to you? Definitely better than shoving your cute girlfriend in to an ever smallish hatch that becomes as hot as a spinning washing machine, isn’t it?  With flawless mechanicals and plenty of street smartness, a used Honda city 1.5 for sale is definitely a better bet to start your driving journey in.

A joint venture between Honda motors Co Ltd and Siel limited, Honda Siel cars India ltd, launched their first machine in the Indian market – the Honda City, which was a premium segment car in those days. Initially it was launched with 1.3 and 1.5 engine option to chose from, not to forget the auto-transmission 1.5, the Honda City soon caught the imagination of many senior management in the corporate sector. They adored and loved it, they still do. For its smooth engine and calm interiors but above all they love that Honda tag- the insignia that over the years has come to stand for reliability, quality and inspiration. Those days the City was pitted against the likes of Mitsubishi Lancer, Opel Astra and the Daewoo Cielo. The sheer brand name of the Honda with Japanese quality assurance propelled the sales of Honda to a different plane altogether and suddenly there were more Honda Citys on the roads than ever.

This car has seen a good old day when it was the pampered boy of the Rich’s in town. But that’s no more the case, for if you have mustered enough money to put on a small hatchback, this salon of 100BHP can be your property for as little as 2.40 Lakhs for a well maintained 2002 1.5 EXi. If you get lucky and found a sportier EXi, complete with tasty alloys and rear boot-lid spoiler, you may have to shell a few more grand’s.

Most second hand Honda City cars must have crossed the 50,000 km mark and it becomes really tough to find a car with a low mileage.

The used Honda city, unless it’s been through an accident, is an extremely reliable road partner. There are good chances that  you may be spending just on the regular services every quarter or every 5000 km. a Honda dealer workshop is the ideal place to get your City looked and cared after, since their spares would be original coupled with skilled work force. The fuel economy of even a used Honda City is expected to be in the band of 9-13 Kpl, all depending upon your sense of driving. The 1.5 city engine is an absolute delight, courtesy to the the 1493cc SOHC 16-valve engine. This engine is capable of producing more horse power than the traditional DOHC. The freely revving engine and the exhaust emit a nice noise. All this implies that you have to look for the visible signs of abuse very carefully. Any rough idling, judders in the engine and unrefined feeling would infer that you ought to be looking at new cam-bearings. Fuel quality is another issue with the Honda City as it is very sensitive towards it. So its better to use fuel injector cleaners. Transmission are also very positive and light to use, something which is very smooth that you don’t really need to try to hard to push it through. Most of the second hand Honda City’s will feature a very hard clutch pedal, as the cost of overhauling is a whopping Rs 15,000 it is worth to check it carefully. The suspension repairs would set you back by an astronomical Rs 20,000. Also do check for any unhealthy noises from the rear or the frond end when the car lands in a pothole.

The only down side to this fabulous car is the way the body ages rather rapidly. It is a wishful thinking to lay your hands on clean and crisp panels. Also you should inspect if the doors shut properly and that the lines on the crease are in order, as these are cues if the car has been through an accident. The interiors of the Honda City is noting to write about, a perfect turn-off to an otherwise brilliantly built car. However one upside to the interiors is that it ages slowly.

With a bull wrapped up in a lightweight shell, the Honda city is no less than a rocket. It has got great handling capability be it blasting through mountains or cutting in the city traffic. Plush, luxurious and comfortable is not what a City is; responsive, light and involving is what the City is. If you can lay down your hands on one of those fine ones, especially the EXi variant with all the whistles and bells, go for it. The car is no less a tuner’s favorite machine. A good second hand Honda City is the way to go, for sure. The second hand Honda City price would range in between Rs 4.75 lakhs to Rs 5.25 lakhs for even a 2004 model. Honda City cars hold their resale value well and this is a major turn off for those looking to buy a used one.

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