Volkswagen Beetle Covered With More Than 10,000 Coins

Opulence of Beetle cannot be explained better than this!

A woman from China has taken the competition a level above for those who show their inseparable lover for Beetle. As reported, the lady had draped whole car with more than 10,000 coins.

The VW Beetle looked absolutely stunning wearing those coins that the middle-aged woman has collected since past five years.

Underneath the skin, it was given a treatment of wrap and two people were hired to glue those coins that took 40 hours to complete the job. Approximately, the coins stuck onto body equals to $800.

Volkswagen Beetle Covered With More Than 10,000 Coins
The images seen on this blog are aired from the Fuzhou city of China.

However, we loved the job done, but that could have been performed more technically as some of the coins have fallen and left behind the ugly looking spots, which for car of such uniqueness are not bound of seeing the ruined attire on its day out.

Certainly, the women must have faced a tremendous drop in performance and fuel-efficiency due to the immense weight, which she does seem to care about a bit as a result the roof is left intact!

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