Volkswagen Plans New Phaeton Sedan for Near Future

Volkswagen Phaeton may not be known to a larger set of audience, but it’s quite popular with those who are well-heeled and doesn’t wants to declare their status in the society, despite wanted to enjoy the alps of luxury too. Due to some shoddy market strategy and market segmentation, the current-generation Phaeton was not sold in numbers, but the Volkswagen has decided to bring a replacement of it soon. Hopefully, it was the, VW development chief Heinz-Jakob Neusser, who has confirmed the said at the Geneva motor show 2014.

Neusser said “the next Phaeton has to be class leading” and be “very smooth and luxurious” to drive.

The introduction of new Phaeton will mark the technological benchmark for the other cars of Volkswagen brand. In return, it will also allow the engineers to study the technology and deploy them in the cars of affordable rates. So if new Phaeton wouldn’t be selling in great numbers, then also the new Phaeton will benefit the German parent company in a lot of other ways.

Volkswagen Phaeton Exclusive
“We use all the technology and develop it for other VWs and group brands,” said Neusser. “It’s actually got a very attractive business case.”

Neusser also referred of not cutting down the plans for a small Volkswagen sports car inspired by the BlueSport concept. More of the EV models may also take place in the near future, looking at their rising demands, confirmed the development chief.

Source: Autocar

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