Volvo cars to become cheaper soon

According to one of our source, Volvo Motors India, as an automobile firm, are looking to make their products or just like their German competitors, make the products even cheaper in a bid to appeal to a wider audience. The Volvo S60 is the one which is supposed to be at the receiving end of this magnamity. This is a conscious effort by the company to bump up volumes of its cars in India.

Some of the technological marvels like Lane Departure Warning as also Pedestrian Detection Technology would be deleted from this cheaper variant of S60 and since Volvo offers this as standard on all its cars, it is very likely that the XC60 and other Volvo cars in India would also come without this safety feature. Last year, the company sold about 130 units in India whereas this year, the goalpost has been moved to 500 units. Moreover, the company is trying very hard to push its dealer network to a substantial tally as well. However, no news of when the stripped down S60 would be launched have been revealed.

Volvo S60

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