Volvo rolls out new 5-axle dump truck for mining apps

Volvo has rolled out its latest dump truck exclusively fabricated for deep opencast mining applications in the Indian market.

Swedish truck and bus manufacturer anticipates that the latest Volvo FM480 10×4 Dump Truck will position novel standards in the mining business.

The truck is constructed on the potent, dependable & confirmed Volvo FM13-litre platform.

Mr. Philippe Divry, Managing Director, Volvo India Private Limited and a VECV Board member stated that this is the largest truck ever rolled out in the Indian market.

Volvo rolls out new 5-axle dump truck for mining apps

It looks like a truck, but generates like a machine. The newly rolled out Volvo FM480 10×4 Dump Truck is destined to be the next gigantic game Modifier in the mining biz.

Volvo trucks run only in select premium and niche segments in the Indian market, and possess the Number 1 place in the premium European truck section in the Indian market. It possesses 70 per cent of the market share in the Indian market.

“With advanced output at best possible cost being the requirement of the hour, we have planned the Volvo 10×4 in such a way that it’ll strike the ideal balance between output, recital and effectiveness,” Divry said.

The strong 5 axle Dump Truck boasts the most technologically advanced influential driveline, delivering 480HP, best-in-class 2400 nanometer torc, power-to-weight proportion of 7.38 and a healthy body with 24 M3 struck volume that brings together with it the supreme Volvo superiority and dependability.

Volvo FM480 10×4 Dump Truck product range in the Indian market comprises the FM & FMX assortment of Tippers & FM Rigid Trucks for extraordinary apps such as Fire Tenders, Concrete Mixers, Boom Pumps, Sky lifts and the FM/FH range of Tractors in a variety of configurations.

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