Volvo V40 Cross Country Petrol India Launch On April 20

In the slew of market at dawn of new financial year, Volvo shelled out its first card of the season, V40 Cross Country petrol. Stated to launch this car in India on April 20, 2015, the smallest Cross Country of Volvo already exists in the nation with a diesel engine. Petrol option will allow Volvo to extend its arm further to reach a wider sect of premium buyers that adopt only the refined motor from the fuel-option. A 1.6-litre petrol motor under its hood will do the justice for a price band under Rs 30 lakh.

Though, no direct competitor was available at the moment Volvo launched V40 in India, but now A-Class can give it a tough time for some particular span. Other models that are lined-up in the backyard of Volvo to see the daylight are S60 sedan with the petrol engine called T6, and the standard variant of V40 Cross Country that is denominated only as ‘V40’ for the hatchback sect. On top of all, Volvo also raised eyebrows some days back by conveying the flagship SUV new XC90 will hit the shores of this country by September.

Volvo V40 Cross Country Petrol India Launch On April 20

Now, to talk about the engine in shallow details, T6 will produce 304bhp. And Volvo V40 may also get strapped by the same engine as of V40 Cross Country.

Stay tuned to us for more details on the launch.

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