Wagon R Pro-A limited edition launched by Maruti

Maruti Suzuki has again come up with another limited edition car. It’s the Wagon R Pro this time. The WagonR LXi has been induced with as many as 13 new accessories to come out in the form of the Wagon R Pro.

The carmaker mentioned that the accessories are actually worth around Rs. 30,000. Now the interesting fact is the price difference between a regular Wagon R and the limited edition is roughly equal to the aforementioned sum. If you think Maruti has just this in its box, then I must tell you that the series of good news has just begun. Wanna guess what else are there???

The Indian car manufacturer is in fact offering a 32-inch Sony Bravia LCD television free to all the Wagon R buyers. Now the choice has to be made by the customers, if they want to opt for the television or want to take a cash discount on the car. In case, the choice has to be made by a Wagon R Pro, the buyer gets a provision of discount of Rs. 22,000 along with an additional cash discount of Rs. 11,000.

The limited edition, Wagon R Pro has been put up with a price tag of Rs. 4.50 lakh (on-road New Delhi). Now, when the discounts are taken into account, the effective price comes out to Rs. 4.17 lakh (on-road, New Delhi).

Wagon R Pro-A limited edition launched by Maruti

The following table shows the accessories in Wagon R Pro and their prices:

Accessory     Price (Rs.)
[table id=55 /]

The clever move made by Maruti Suzuki is that it has sweetly placed the Wagon R Pro between the Wagon R LXi and VXi variants. This in turn has put the limited edition an irresistible car in the segment. Wagon R Pro is being expected to be a ray of hope against the sinking sales of Maruti cars because of soaring petrol prices. Now, with an LCD TV available for free with the car, it certainly has turned out to be a deal too difficult to turn down.

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