11 volt plugin gadgets for your car

Not only is the Indian car market rising faster than one expects but it also has got one of the highest choices in the automobile segment than any other market in the world. With all this hoopla going about, it is but natural that one would be more interested in the features that a car has to offer at the same price point compared to its competitors. This is done keeping in mind the same price ratio and similar engine characteristics. One very good thing that nowadays manufacturers usually entice the car buying public is with a 12 volt plugin socket inside the car. Well, people do get this socket but most of the times don’t know what to do with it. Well, here we have listed the top 11 gadgets that one can plonk in their car, if they have the 12 V plugin socket in their car.

12 volt air compressor :

This one has wide and varied uses inside a car ranging from inflating footballs, infant beds and bath tubs, car tyres, water beds and many other sports good items. Their primary aim though is to inflate the car tyres. A built in mechanical pressure gauge with a 3m long cord for reaching out to all the tyres without a problem is one of the key features. Though smaller tyre sizes are easily inflated, the bigger tyres take some time to get inflated and moreover, more time is required for the same. It costs INR 940.

Coido Vacuum cleaner :

About 75 watts of electricity is consumed by this Coido Vacuum cleaner. It can be used for both blower and suction duties. Inserting it into the 12 V volt socket or the cigarette lighter makes it ready for action. A 3m long power cable is offered so that it can reach each and every corner of the car. From anywhere in the cabin, this suction vacuum cleaner can pick up dust and pollen. Stubborn spills are also cleaned easily by its suction ability. The transparent removable front covers are equipped with special filters to facilitate the cleaning regularly and also a water storage inside it can hold upto 500 ml of liquid. It costs Rs 1000.

Tropicool air purifier :

With this device, you don’t have to be worried about most airborne contaminants. This device initiates the process of killing bacteria , viruses and also germs. If it cant kill them, it will reduce their infestation or atleast reduce their strength. Moreover, this purifier also removes leftover tobacco smoke, dust pollen and also the new car smell which many people are allergic to. Moreover if you have asthmatic people at home, this device is very useful for them inside a car. It can be plugged into the 12 V socket and set on. It costs Rs 1,200.

Coido tyre inflator :

The maximum pressure that this tyre inflator can generate is 300psi. However the good thing is that most of the tyres don’t require anything more than 210psi. There is a strobe light as also handy night work illumination given with this entire package. This unit has both the suction and blowing capacities. It will work both as a vacuum cleaner and also tyre inflator. Three nozzle adaptors for inflating various other sports and adventure articles like rafts, footballs, inflatable gears and also volleyballs. It is priced at Rs 1350.

RD Bluetooth steering wheel :

RD Bluetooth steering wheel provides Bluetooth A2DP connectivity from the cell phone for handsfree dialing and utilizes the audio speakers for listening. MP3 or FM modulation can also be done through this plus streaming. A slot for USB port as also SD card is provided with this. If this was the US, every other cell phone operator offers this as complementary package with a new phone. A backlit LCD display shows the caller ID and also music track information. It is priced at Rs 2,500.

Tropicool power Inverter :

This small device attaches to any 12 V socket and provides 80 watts of power through a USB out port. Most of the mobile phone charging requirements are easily met through this and also for audio and video players. The DC power is converted to AC in most of the devices using this. It is available for only Rs 150.

Air compressor :

Air compressor is easy to use as it just requires to be plugged into the 12V socket or even the cigarette lighter and then attached to the universal adapter over the tyre valve. Bicycle tyres, inflatable toys and obviously car tyres can be inflated with it. The maximum pressure that it can deliver is 250psi. This handy device comes at a price of Rs 1,100.

Tropicool power Inverter 150 watts :

This inverter uses the car’s 12V socket to power itself and provide continuous AC power of 150W and a consistent output frequency of 60Hz. It has two output points to simultaneously support any two gadgets, provided their combined power requirements don’t exceed 150W. An inbuilt fuse can effectively power most appliances like laptops, gaming devices, video players, radio, fax machines and also TV. It is available for a price of Rs 2,300.

Linus portable electric air compressor :

This air compressor is capable of inflating the tyres of buses, SUVS, car and also trucks. Linus claims that this device would only take 7-8 minutes to inflate while it shouldn’t be used for 15 minutes at a stretch. If the latter part is violated, then the longetivity of  this device would be compromised. There is also a contact pressure gauge which is easily readable. Two nozzle adaptors with one for then various tyre sizes that it would inflate and the other for sports goods. It is priced at Rs 1,200.

Sovov Thermoelectric cooler :

This is a mix of a warmer and cooler which can cool things upto 18-20 degrees and at the same time warm things upto 55-65 degree Celsius. The heating is controlled by a thermostat. Use of green and red lights lets one know whether the device is in heating or cooling mode. This device can be used for both AC 230V/110V as also for DC 12V to enable it to be used even outside the car. Power consumption varies between 40-65 W.

Sharp Plasma Ion generator :

This is a perfect device for the health conscious or those suffering from dust mite allergies. Plasmacluster Ions help reduce the airborne bacteria and mould levels thereby helping deactivate ticks or lichen and microbe allergens in the air. This ionizer releases negatively charged particles which are good for out health but bad for the bacteria and viruses. Well, big things don’t come at a small price and this health saver device is available for a cool Rs 11,990.

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