2011 Bentley Continental GT coming on 6th April

Hardly has the month started and India is going to be hit again with a slew of new car launches. This time it is the chance of the Volkswagen owned Bentley Motors. Bentley Motors would be unveiling their all new 2011 Bentley Continental GT on 6th of April 2011. This new car looks very much a Bentley and a Continental at that one. The 2011 Bentley Continental GT is said to be more meaner looking than the current model and even though many would argue about the changes between the old and new models, Bentley have been quick to add that each and every panel of this car is altogether new. Instead of the previous boxy shape that has been prevalent, this car is now more rounded. It even draws inspiration from its bigger brother, the Mulssane.

The new car appears more stream lined now with the small headlamp flanking the bigger ones and also a tapering bonnet hood. Wheels are now 19 inches as standard whereas those looking for a flair can even go for 21 inchers. The new car however sits lower than the outgoing model and abundant use of chrome has been done inside and outside the cabin. To make the car more fun to drive, Bentley Motors have allowed certain kind of leverage in the time the ESP is likely to kick in. This means more of drifts in this car. The engine option would be the same 6.2 liter W12 which will produce 567 Bhp of power and 79.6 kgm of torque. The transmission would be also carried over from the previous model and it will be an eight speed auto. By November of this year, a V8 engine variant with cleaner credentials would also be launched in India. Prices are yet to be announced for both the variants.

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