2012 Toyota Camry set to be launched in August

Finally it is official now. Toyota has given out an official announcement regarding the launch of the new Camry 2012, which was something that the fans were deeply anticipating since a long time. The launch is slated for August, 2012 and right now Toyota is considering its prospects to launch the car in the most productive way so that it ropes customers to showrooms.

Mr. Sandeep Singh who is the Deputy Managing Director of the marketing wing of Toyota Kirloskar Motors recently unveiled the news to the enthusiastic people at the commencement ceremony of the exporting of Toyota Etios & Etios Liva.There are a lot of things there were there in his statement and he specifically highlighted the prospects that India held for its upcoming cars Camry, Avanza and Lexus. All three of these cars have reached their final stage of talks and will be launched in the country very soon. It will start with the launch of Camry 2012 in August. Toyota Camry was once one of the most luxurious sedan cars that rolled in India but now the makers felt that the car needed a serious upgrade so they started working on the design as ergonomics of the car.

2012 Toyota Camry

Toyota presently has a facility in Bangalore and the company is now considering the manufacturing of large units of 2012 Camry at that facility. Thus, the production rate of the new Toyota Camry 2012 is said to escalate at the Bangalore facility. The production of the car is slated to commence by the end of July, 2012 on a massive scale so that Toyota is able to meet up with the demands of its cars in India and all across the world. Toyota was considering launching the car sooner but after extensive analysis of the market, they shortlisted August as the market would be in a better position according to whatthe marketing analysts of Toyota Kirloskar Motors have predicted. There is a slight disadvantage of buying a Toyota Camry and this has been a problem since a long time now. Toyota never thought of bringing out a diesel version of the car and this is one factor which can hinder the sales of the new Camry 2012 in the Indian market as the prices of petrol have been sky-rocketing in India since a long time now. More and more people are preferring diesel cars or CNG cars over petrol cars. Thus Toyota needs to make serious considerations regarding the induction of a diesel engine for Camry as only then, the product will be in a position to become more demandable amongst the people here in India.

Owing to the budget session of 2012, there is bad news for those who are going towards luxury cars as there is heavy excise duty that has been imposed on the cars that are priced above INR 20 Lakh. The exact date of the launch of the new 2012 Camry has not yet been finalized but soon Toyota will reveal that as well.

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