2013 Ford Focus ST all set to have an Active Sound Symposer

Ford has been revered as one of the pioneering automobiles owing to the fact that the firstand foremost car came rolling out of Ford’s garage almost a century back. This was the Ford Model-T which set a revolutionary trajectory for other car makers and now it has been almost a century since the car entered the mainstream. Ford now has one of the most impressive line-up of cars in the industries all of which are fuel-efficient and shell out performance off the hook.

The next launch of Ford is all set to be earmarked as boon for the company as Ford will finally roll out 2013 Focus ST on the roads amidst a lot of anticipation. Adding to that, pre-enquiry of the car has already commenced. The new Ford Focus ST will be having all-new features which were not there in the predecessor models of the car. The engineers of Ford have planned a lot of new inclusions into the car and one of them is the Active Sound Symposer which incidentally is the main highlight behind this article. Ford Focus ST will boast of a very impressive and powerful exhaust system which in turn will increase the acceleration of the car.

2013 Ford Focus ST all set to have an Active Sound Symposer

The prime function of Active Sound Symposer is that it will make the driving experience even more enriching as now there will be an aural soundtrack that the driver and the passengers will be hearing inside the car. There are many reasons why Ford engineers decided to fit 2013 Focus ST with the Active Sound Symposer. And the car fanatics will get to realize these reasons only when they are sitting in the car. The experience of sitting in Ford Focus 2013 ST is something that is on the top of the list of Ford engineers. Thus, they are giving the final touches to the interiors as well as exteriors and not to forget the advanced ergonomics of the car.

The new 2013 Ford Focus ST will be quite sporty and will be having the entire features that a car enthusiast expects to be present in a sports-oriented car.This concept of Active Sound Symposer has earlier been used in Ford Mustang and thus the same will be there in the upcoming Ford Focus ST. This has excited the fans even more since Ford Mustang is revered as one of the most powerful cars to be ever made by Ford. Ford Mustang presently uses a sound tube and on the grounds of this sound tube, Ford came up with the Active Sound Symposer for 2013 Ford Focus ST. The prime function of the sound tube fitted into Ford Mustangis that it pumps a lot of sound into the interior part of the engine so that it gains the additional thrust for performance.

But on the contrary, Ford engineers are claiming that the installment of Active Sound Symposer in the 2013 Ford Focus ST will be done in such a manner that device will maintain a direct contact with the intake pipes which will help the interiors of the engine to take more sound in, and that too effectively. This method will make the set-up of the Active Sound Symposer even more complex and advanced than that of the sound tube fitted inside Ford Mustang.This induction of sound into the core of the engine will result in optimum functionality of the engine and the sound released will be transmitted into the cabin at a frequency band range of 200 to 450 Hz.

2013 Ford Focus ST all set to have an Active Sound Symposer

There is a valve in the car that is being supported electronically. So, with the inclusion of the Active Sound Symposer, there will be a better support for the valve electronically. This valve is complicated to understand but the main functionality is that it functions in par with the total number of inputs from the car such as selection process of gear at a particular speed, speed of rotation of the rotors present inside the engine and lastly, the exact position of the throttle depending on which the car will be able to accelerate as per its highest attainable potential and power. The placement of the valve is quite strategic in the 2013 Ford Focus ST as the valve functions to its highest capability when the car is running at low gears but as soon as the car attains speed and the gear is shifted towards higher knobs, the valve performs under less pressure. As per this phenomenon, the car will be able to shell out a better performance which a driver will get to experience only if he/she is sitting behind the wheel. As per this feature, the driver will be able to wander on freeways with a better control over the car and the transmission will be much safer.

Ford has been in the market for almost a century now and the engines that the engineers of Ford make are one of the most powerful and economical in comparison to the compatriots of Ford. 2013 Ford Focus ST will be having an engine that is much more powerful than its antecedents. It will be powered by a 2.4 Litre Turbo-4 EcoBoost engine that will be capable of churning out a maximum power of 252 HP and an adjoining maxi

mum torque of 270 lb-ft. This engine has been designed keeping the environment in mind and thus it is one of the most efficient engines ever built by Ford. Adding to that, the Active Sound Symposer will altogether deepen the baritone of the car to a great extent and give it a grungy sound which is sure to appeal the onlookers as well as the people seated inside the car.

2013 Ford Focus ST all set to have an Active Sound Symposer

Thus, the inclusion of Active Sound Symposer into the interior of the engine of 2013 Ford Focus ST is one of the primary reasons behind the hype that is circulating the car ever since Ford enthusiasts got to know about this new addition into the car. The car promises to strike a chord with all those who appreciate sporty features of a car.

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