2013 BMW X1 likely to be launched by late 2012 in India

German Automotive Giant BMW chose the New York Auto Show held last month to launch its 2013 BMWX1. This model has a near complete makeover and has been introduced it as a compact crossover model. This model is presently for the US market only. However, this smallest compact crossover vehicle should be available in other markets soon.

This model could be launched relatively quickly in India due to the rapidly rising fuel costs. BMW also plans to launch this model at a later stage in Europe as well. The new BMW X1 has a newly designed front bumper, which is sleeker than the previous model and has incorporated a split grille which mounts new headlights and sparkling mirror casing. The interior consoles are electroplated with new upholstery with a more subtle pleasing to the eye tone and a marginal tint.

2013 BMW X1 likely to be launched by late 2012 in India

It is abundantly clear that BMW is positioning this model in the premium compact SUV segment by powering this vehicle with a smooth 6-cylinder all-wheel drive (S Drive) engine. This SUV has a rear wheel drive (X Drive) variant as well. The new BMW X1 series emits a power of up to 300PS and has a maximum torque of 406Nm. As against the older 6 speed auto transmission, this new model has an 8-speed automatic transmission. The vehicle can achieve top speeds of nearly 200 Kms per hour.

These vehicles guzzle less petrol and will cruise at 18 miles per hour in city conditions and 27 miles per hour on highways. Once launched in India, this model from BMW will compete with the likes of Audi Q3 which has been doing rather well in the country.

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