A report on WHY, WHAT, HOW associated with ABS in your car

So, after driving the new Chevy for 1 month my dad gave me the funniest review I ever heard. He told me, “Son, I thought this car is cheap and good, but this car is cheap and horror”. I know it’s a cliched statement in itself, but then that’s how my dad speaks I mean in bits and broken fragments of a statement. My automotive genes are directed from my dad so I know clearly from where does that horror comes from but those of you, who don’t know what my dad was talking about then he was trying to tell me now and to you as well about the phenomenenon that happens when you apply the brakes. Your ABS brakes bounce back with a not so loud but loud enough to scare the devil inside you whenever you hit the brake pedal. That’s what happens when you get introduced with the Antilock Brakeforce Distribution System (ABS) on a wet pavement.

Yes, how can I forget, besides my dad even I had a very handy experience with this ABS technology. Yesterday, in the very  Mercedes StarDrive Experience event we are boasting so much about we get to know how this system works, why this phenomenon occurs and a death defying example of the same. Seriously, I was crying my lungs when suddenly the driver applied the brakes at speeds of 140 kmph with me inside the car. Imagine the condition. No, let it be, it takes a lot than your imagination. So, I thought why not update you with the same.

If you are scared from my words, though I don’t think it was too scary then trust me there is nothing wrong in the system. It’s not that scary as much it seems and in fact that is how the ABS  is supposed to work but not to scare you rather to safeguard you from any risky situation while driving. Now, before going further deep into how this ABS works let us consider the situation when you will experience such type of situations. So, as the name suggests antilock brakeforce distribution, its work is to unlock the wheel whenever the system senses that the wheels are slipping while applying brakes. This phenomenon can also occur while driving on a gravel road.

So, if I have to lay it in the simplest way in front of you then the ABS hosts on various other features of the car like the automatic speed sensor, a conceptualised or rather computerised electronic controls module and also on hydraulic controlling unit. How? As soon as one applies the brake, with the help of wheel speed sensor the computerised electronic controls module monitors the speed of the wheel. If the system detects that more than one wheel is going to lock up then the computerised electronic controls module sends signal to the hydraulic controlling unit which in response modulates the pressure on the slipping tyres. This system ensures the maximum control over the vehicle steering ability.

So now the question is that you have never driven a car with ABS. So, to tell you a honest piece of advice, you’ll find a great difference between the cars with ABS from that of a car without one. You’ll probably find that the brake pedal is harder in the ABS car than the one equipped without it. It will even shake a bit or rather pulsate would be a right word. Also, you can easily hear the sound of a motor boat engine right inside your car. This sound comes right from the hydraulic control unit inside your car and trust me both of those things are normal, there is nothing wrong with the car.

Anyways, all of that you’ll experience later, right now the main concern what to do while applying an ABS system in cars. Just remember my two guru mantras. Bah… it no guru mantra from my pocket, even I borrowed it from those guys in the Mercedes StarDrive Experience. The first one is that, even if you know that your car is equipped with an ABS technology, maintain the same safe distance with the car in front of you that you usually maintain when you have a car with normal brakes. Second, do not try to irritate the brake pedal by pumping them hard, just apply them easily and let the ABS do rest of the work for you. Don’t get scared with them as they are fitted in to provide maximum safety to you and not to scare you. Follow the steps provided and get hold of the ABS in your car.

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