Additional deals for the month of July 2011

Whilst earlier on in this week, we had the deals for the month of July 2011, shortly thereafter, we have the additional deals for the month of July 2011. So here are the additional deals being offered by the manufacturers with the prospect of luring in more customers to the showrooms.

Hyundai :

The Korean company is laughing its way to the bank with the launch of the all new Verna and customers even booking it without so much as a test drive. However, its smaller sibling the Hyundai i10 is facing some difficult times and hence Hyundai is offering it with a discount of Rs 33k in all. This includes the Rs 13k worth free insurance package as also if anyone is interested in exchanging their old car, Rs 20k as the exchange bonus. This makes for a good value for money proposition considering that the i10 is a very competent car in its segment.

Honda :

The mighty Japanese Honda is well known for not offering any deals on its car, however, this time around, due to its all petrol configuration cars, sales are at a low point. The other segment competitors like the Corolla and Cruze have diesel powerplants and this helps them in raking up good sales numbers. This leaves the Honda Civic with the label as a slow moving product. Honda is offering a flat cash discount of Rs 10k on this car and this is regardless of the variant selected.

Tata :

Inspite of good sales number raked in by the Tata Manza, Tata Motors are pushing its sales aggressively. Show rooms are offering the first year insurance free of cost and which would have otherwise cost a good Rs 26k depending on the variant selected. Moreover, the payout on exchange bonus is slightly more at Rs 30k. Well, this is a very limited period offer and if you are interested, then this is the right time to book your Manza

Apart from the Manza, the company is also offering deals on its bread horse, the Tata Sumo Grande. There are generous discounts offered through the entire range. Cash savings of upto Rs 20k can be availed on any version selected. Moreover, trading in your present car at the Tata show room results in an exchange bonus worth Rs 40k. This would make it the best deal of the month for a stylish multi utility vehicle.

The Safari gets a Rs 30k exchange bonus benefit at the Tata show room. Moreover, accessories worth Rs 5k are being offered free of cost by Tata Show rooms.

Chevrolet :

The General is offering its slow selling Aveo model with a decent discount offer. Dealers are offering about Rs 20k off this sticker price of this car. Now, we wouldn’t call that as a good deal but then considering the value for money proposition that the car allots, this is a good thing.

Mahindra :

This MUV from Mahindra is sold with a comprehensive discount package. Mahindra is waiving 50 percent of the cost of insurance of the Xylo and this comes to Rs 19k, depending on the variant selected. Moreover, a 2 year extended warranty program is also being offered for free. This program would have otherwise cost Rs 10k extra. The company’s muscle SUV, the Scorpio is selling in good numbers and it is but a boon by the company that they are offering a 20 percent discount on the insurance package of this SUV. This translates to about Rs 8k discounts on any of the variants selected.

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