Aston Martin Rapide worth Rs. 4.5 crore crashed during an accident in Mumbai (India)

Aston Martin Rapide worth Rs. 4.5 crore crashed during an accident at Mumbai’s Peddar Road. The incident happened on early Sunday (8th Decembr 2013) morning at 1.30 a.m.

Confirming details, this luxury British supercar rammed into an Audi and a Toyota Corolla from the rear. And that collision affected the passengers so worst that Audi’s divider jumped out of the car onto the road and hit a private bus coming in from the opposite direction. However, loss accumulated by Aston Martin Rapide leads to another scrapped metal worth of Rs. 42 lakh approximately. Audi that was damaged in the mishap was evaluated at Rs. 30 lakh (approx) and Toyota Corolla at Rs. 12 lakh (approx).

“The complainant Foram Ruparel, a resident of Ghatkopar and a student, was on her way towards Ghatkopar along with her friends in her Audi, when a speeding car rammed into their vehicle from behind. The incident took place when they had just crossed Kemps Corner and were headed towards Haji Ali,” said Ravi Pawar, assistant police inspector of Gamdevi police station.

Aston Martin Rapide worth Rs. 4.5 crore crashed during an accident in Mumbai
The black colored Aston Martin plated “MH-01-BK 99” is been registered on the name of “Reliance Ports”. Hence, the driver fled from the scene into another car that was tailing the Martin while it was speeding on the roads of South Bombay devilishly. Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) spokesman Tushar Pania confirmed to MiD DAY, “Yes, the car is owned by Reliance Ports and was being driven by one of our driver, who was going to park it. We will cooperate with police investigations.”

It was learnt that Corolla which gave its blood in this high-speed nuisance belongs to Vikram Mishra.

Police officials still looks busy in recording the statement of victims, as at the moment of incident all of them were in grief shock. Officials are also learnt to be engaged in collecting footages from CCTV cameras that face the road.

Aston Martin Rapide worth Rs. 4.5 crore crashed
Authorities are said to have seized the sportscar left behind by the driver on the spot. Santosh Mishra, the watchman of Vasundhara building on the same road, and also one of the eye witnesses of this incident, said in his statement, “The person endangered the lives of others. When his tyre came off, he sat in the car that came from behind and was immediately escorted away.”

As the areas falls under jurisdiction of Gamdevi police station, they have registered a case under sections 279 (rash driving), 337 (causing hurt by act endangering life or personal safety of others) of the Indian Penal Code and sections 134A and 134B of the Motor Vehicles Act.

Added as an important note: Aston Martin Rapide plated “MH-01-BK 99” of black paint job, that caused aforementioned nuisance, was earlier spotted outside the Sachin Tendulkar’s farewell party at an Andheri club last month too.

Aston Martin Rapide accident in Mumbai

Those petrol-heads wants to know what that car was dwelling underneath its bonnet that has created this much of diktat, can refer to its brief technical specifications mentioned below.

  • Engine: 5935cc V12 Petrol Engine of 48 Valve and 12 cylinders
  • Maximum Power: 470bhp@6000rpm
  • Maximum Torque: 600Nm@5000rpm

Aston Martin Rapide

Source: MiD DAY

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