Audi Becomes New King of Indian Luxury Car Market, Followed by Mercedes and BMW

2013 passed on the title of “King of Indian luxury car market” to Audi from BMW.

Audi sold 10,002 vehicles witnessing the growth of 11% over previous year, while on the flipside BMW fails to deliver its sheer driving pleasure by registering a downfall of 22% with 7,327 vehicles sold. The first position conquered by four ringed brand, while on the second spot lands the Mercedes-Benz who sold 9,003 vehicles and clocking a growth of 32% highest growth rate amongst all.

The other corners which are acquired by JLR and Volvo ranked fourth and fifth position respectively. The Tata owned British marquee sold 2913 cars and SUVs witnessing a growth of 22%, where the Swedish car manufacturer rolled out only 913 vehicles during the year, possessing growth of 13%.

Cornering facts, the BMW says it lost the battle with lack of customer’s interest in SUVs X5 and X3, and extensively the compact SUV X1 also seems outdated.

Audi R8

Audi notched the race with its recently launched Q3 in a lower variant called ‘Sports’ without Quattro and bells and whistles. The Mercedes-Benz took advantage of its production facility in Pune and brought number of models plates there in order to reduce the price, helped a lot to attain the pricing efficiency.

The most annoying factor that Audi says has taken them to the top is launch of server push to the sports badges and that aforementioned Q3 Sports.

Said to focus on sustainable growth, Philipp Von Sahr, President BMW Group India said, “We want to be the leading luxury car company with delighted customers, strong partners and most important, sustainable leadership,” and also refrained from commenting on the company’s 2013 sales. Hope so, that says all what the brand is upto and what it is going to show us in 2014. Delhi Auto Expo is expected to set something up on blaze!

Posted below is the gist of luxury carmaker’s sales portfolio of 2013:

Bmw Dethroned

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