Audi India Planned Q3 Facelift Launch On June 18, 2015

Everyone in India is awaited for monsoons to bestow its first shower on the parched land of farms, dried rivers, reservoirs and dams. But auto enthusiasts in the country are watching their clocks for a very special date, June 18, 2015. The reason, Audi India has stated to launch its new-gen of Q3 on the said date. The cheapest Audi SUV in the country, it poses of great importance to buyers.

The new Q3 was made available to the international markets just months back, and in its new vogue it holds fresh set of headlamps (LED optional), bolder front grille, larger air vents on the front, new design for alloy wheels, and slightly quirked tail lamps.

However, the designer had infused changes only on outers, where the interior remains pretty much the same. Still, some intriguing amendments are carried out, where to name the gimmicks one can report changes on MMI system, steering wheel and instrument cluster.

Audi India Planned Q3 Facelift Launch On June 18, 2015

However, Q3 for Audi India was an important product, and seriousness seen in its marketing strategies made the maker to roll out a Q3S with some luxuries dropped from list in order to meet the ground-stuck price tag of the buyer’s trend. And to our surprise it sold very well throughout.

Now, there doesn’t seem such plan for the facelift. The engine bay will do complete justice with the 2-litre diesel and petrol engines, where in the present-gen latter fuel option is not available on the list. For this new car, either of the engines is made to deliver more power, and as they will marry the 7-speed dual-clutch (DCT) automatic transmission the German carmaker say better fuel-efficiency is also stored inside them. Thus, refuting our claims of not introducing the low-cost version, officially called as Q3S, some sources confirmed that they may make an appearance at a later stage where Audi do not wished to lose out on the new segment which it has build to garner more sales and strengthen market share against the rivals. Though, one can say a smart move to penetrate the segment where no one had been before. Riding high on success with such small improvements, Audi India emerged on the top of Benz and BMW in the list of luxury carmakers for FY2014-15.

Hence, this new Q3 is a part of the ten launches planned by Ingolstadt based carmaker for the country across the year, where we had already seen a number of them, and the following launch include new A6 sedan and the new flagship Q7 SUV, which the new Q3 looks like its compressed replica.

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