Audi May Launch More Avants

Estates literally have a zero presence in India. With no carmakers offering it in the new car market, Indians recounts only Tata Estate if asked to name a wagon/estate car in India. Certainly, after a long gap someone tried to change that, and its none other than Audi who launched the RS6 Avant in country for an expensive price tag to compensate its sheer power.

Sensibly speaking, the launch has taken place in order to test the water. Audi believes buyers demand in India had seen a dynamic change. Ranging from sedans to SUVs, compact SUVs, buyers are in a need to shift to a new model, which estates and wagons are in the lucrative mood to do so. The next big thing from Audi to India is said to be its Allroad, which sits on the raised height and offers the best of SUV and estate. Audi Allroad too is a derivative of A6 sedan and Audi finds itself in a good shape to take over the roads.

Audi May Launch More Avants

Though they say, it may turn easy for Audi to sell the RS6 to a handful of buyers, but rolling out Allroad to shift the trend may prove an uphill task. Audi needs to focus on the ad making and positioning of the car. After all, some cars work great proportion when they are offered at a right price. For Allroad, a slice of worry hovers, Audi has intended to bring it as CBU which will subject to heavy duties, and in return may raising the price incredibly. Yet, if the Allroad will bear fruit in future, then the Ingolstadt based German carmaker has planned to bring more models like A4 and A6 Avant to India which will become a new statement.

As said, the estate cars aren’t sold in good numbers around the world, except for Europe. Hence, it will be interesting to see does India had developed a fetish for such thing after a long gap since the discontinuation of models like Tata Marina and Estate, Skoda Octavia Combi, Fiat Siena Weekend and Adventure, Opel Swing and Maruti Baleno Altura due to their poor sales. All of us are still looking for an answer.

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