Bajaj Auto plans to come out with its Ultra Low cost Car on the 3rd January, 2012

The Indian auto market seems to have become the favorite hunting ground for launching cars in the budget segment. Most top car makers are now trying hard to register their presence in this segment, following the lead of the Tata Nano. However, all this is ultimately providing great benefit for the end consumers. The latest piece of hot news pertaining to the budget car segment pertains to Bajaj Auto. The company is fully geared up with its low costing small car and the vehicle is going to be unveiled at the Taj Palace Hotel on the 3rd of January, 2012. This unveiling will happen just days before the same car is displayed at the Delhi Auto Expo 2012. This car is the same one that Renault and Nissan are planning to jointly market in the future, provided it lives up to the standards that the companies have set. The whole thought process behind Bajaj getting involved in the process of manufacturing this small car was to make use of the expertise it has in the three-wheeler category. Bajaj is going to incorporate the same technological knowledge for this four wheeler vehicle with a focus on bringing down the costs of manufacturing.

Bajaj Auto plans to come out with its low budget car on the 3rd January, 2012 Hence, consumers should not be surprised if they discover that this latest small car from Bajaj will have its looks strongly inspired from the three wheelers designed by it. However, there is a general feeling in the market that this low budget car from Bajaj is going to be offered at a slightly higher price tag than what the Tata Nano has been priced at. Bajaj Auto is making sincere efforts to ensure that it is able to live up to the expectations of Nissan and Renault with regards to the mechanism and design of the car. This is because of the fact that the two auto companies have the chances of undertaking all marketing and promotional activities of this car, provided it lives up to requisite standards. The car had been initially displayed by Bajaj at the Auto Expo of 2008 but had not met with favorable response from the two car manufacturers. The small car from Bajaj Auto is expected to set benchmark standards as far as its fuel efficiency is concerned. This aspect has the potential to make the car a hot favorite amongst its consumers. But, all of us have to wait with expectations till the 3rd of January, 2012 to know more about the specifications of the car engine as well as the price tag that it will come attached with.

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