Honda is opting for newer methods of production for its lighter vehicles

Honda Motors is a company that has always been associated with innovation pertaining to its vehicles as well as the production methods it uses to build them. It seems now that the leading car manufacturer is about to bring forth new methods of production in the process of developing its lighter vehicles. If the auto giant is successfully able to implement its plans, the consumers of Honda cars will be gifted with vehicles that are about 10% lighter in weight. Through this article, Indian Drives is trying to provide its readers with an insight on how Honda wishes to go about the task of reducing weight of its upcoming vehicles. In the normally practised scenario, vehicles are generally assembled using bolts along with other required materials. These play the role of a lever in between the vehicle ceiling and its side-door panels, thereby creating the car skeleton.

Honda is opting for newer methods of production for its lighter vehiclesThis is the phase of the car designing process in which Honda Motors is planning to try out something different. The company intends to bring down the total weight component of its vehicles substantially by minimizing usage of these bolts as well as the other materials. Experts at Honda Motors believe that the process of welding can be used to develop these cars. The company is thinking in the lines of using welding techniques for attaching the car side panels to its ceiling. The first vehicle in which Honda Motors is going to make use of this new technique is going to be its newly launched mini vehicle, the Honda N Box.

This vehicle is currently being produced in two different production lines. The car manufacturing company from Japan is planning to try out this new production technique in one of these two production units. Experts in Honda Motors have expressed a high degree of confidence that that this new method is going to be successful. They are also estimating that the N Box developed using this new production technology is going to have a reduction in its weight by a minimum of 10%, when the prototype is totally developed. This would be a perfect scenario for the Indian market, which is known for its fondness of lightweight vehicles. With an even lighter car in the market, Honda will be able to endear itself to its customers even further as this newer car will be capable of offering greater fuel efficiency.

As far as the plans of the leading car maker from Japan for the Indian market is concerned, it has already come out with its latest variant of the Honda Civic. The 2012 edition of the Honda CR-V is also expected to record its presence in the Indian market in the year ahead.

Honda CR-V

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