Best Cars of 2013

Car launches in India during 2013 under Rs 10 lakh category had given the market some reminiscent model plates. Though, some of the badges were so deliberate, the whole world waited for their arrival. A nearby guess could gemmed in names like Ford EcoSport and Hyundai i10 Grand, but there are more to the category that may be well profound with the balance between money asked and value delivered.

1.    Ford EcoSport

Everybody’s favorite, the Ford EcoSport raised eyebrows when it debuted to the world, and most of the markets had chucked its taste. Landing here in India for as minimum as Rs 5.59 lakh on the launch pad, it trails a long waiting period behind. Available in number of trims and various engine options inclusive of 1.0L turbocharged petrol EcoBoost, 1.5L normally aspirated petrol 1.5L normally aspirated diesel, large numbers of buyers are attracted to it deliberately.

Ford EcoSport

2.    Hyundai i10 Grand

Hyundai wanted to make a retentive comeback in the mass segment with a stronger statement, but with the i10 Grand it had floored everyone! Even, the sedan version Xcent launched in 2014, the hatchback made incredible moves with its availability in petrol and diesel engine both. Note: petrol version too is launched with automatic gearbox.

Hyundai i10 Grand

3.    Honda Amaze

Honda’s first diesel was awaited for years, and the debut was scripted in advance – to eat up the sales in bulk. No to doubts, the Honda Amaze did same what it was expected of, the huge fanfare and record sales numbers welcomed the first diesel for India the 1.5L i-DTEC.

Honda Amaze

4.    Nissan Terrano

Renault Duster – too old – Nissan Terrano – quite new, is what the chirpies around market making haywire of. Nissan Terrano is the re-badge version of Duster, but works done by designers are quite impeccable and look altogether fresh. The diamond cut alloys and V-stride front grill of the Nissan family is adding stealth to the package. It was launched at Rs 9.58 lakh in two state of tunes of engine for diesel (85PS & 110PS), likewise Renault Duster.

Nissan Terrano

5.    Fiat Linea Classic

Fiat, despite being Italian in nature the brand still fiddles hard to sell its cars in numbers, where one of its examples was the Linea. While chalking out a new equation of delivering a sedan for a price of hatchback, there came out the Linea Classic that is toned down on cosmetic flairs, and also on engine power. Not to worry, the 2014 Linea facelift, which is now available in showroom at the pocket-friendly price tag, so who still whishes to buy the Italians over the rest can have their way to Fiat showrooms, because after the launch of Jeep in India by Fiat (which is still at a dwindling phase) carmaker may not have enough time to look after the mass products.

Fiat Linea Classic

6.    New Tata Sumo

New Tata Sumo, the badge is so old that it fails to entice the very urban buyers even at a throw away price for the newer version. Hence, it doesn’t means the MUV of Tata is of no use. But out there in the semi urban areas and tourist space, the Mercedes Glendwagen Indian copy is in great demand because of its very rugged nature. Whatever the reason maybe, we are concerned about the tweaks that Tata Motors gave to the 2013 Sumo badge, which is not huge in numbers but remarkable enough to maintain the balance between all the sects of buyers at a very conventional price. Hopefully, we are deemed looking forward to the all-wheel drive variant of Sumo, what say…

New Tata Sumo

7.    Volkswagen Polo GT

Volkswagen Polo GT is not for the conventional buyers. Instead, who wants an additional dose of adrenaline inside that same cabin of hatchback then Polo GT is the right answer. The power in petrol variant may not be in abundance to that of the hi-end GTs, but the diesel variant is claimed to be most powerful hatchback in the country of the segment.

Volkswagen Polo GT

8.    Chevrolet Enjoy

Chevrolet Enjoy, finally Chevy got its years’ ace for contributing to the numbers pre-decided to meet the year’s target. Enjoy is an all new product for India to the brand, competing the likes of Maruti Ertiga, Nissan Evalia and Askok Leyland Stile. Host of – diesel and petrol engine, this American MPV lacks some final touches inside out; but that’s alright when looked at the given price tag Rs 5.49 lakh ex-showroom Delhi at the launch. We can imagine if the wheels of Enjoy would have grown a size bigger, the sales could have bloomed much better.

Chevrolet Enjoy

9.    Mahindra Verito Vibe

Mahindra is quite obvious to the fields of SUVs and UVs, making foray into the hatchback segment sounds one of their biggest challenge. The Verito Vibe may feel a boot-chopped Verito. Look to it from inside, it’s better than most of the competitors out there in the market. Generous on space and ample of features for a very gentle price, Verito Vibe is the whole of sedan in the nutshell of hatchback.

Mahindra Verito Vibe

10.    Mahindra e2o

Don’t be amazed, it has to be applauded Mahindra tried two fresh segments in 2013. The former one (hatchback) was quite simpler, as it had success rates witnessed throughout the time, but the EVs, they were as fresh as fallen snow for the Indian market. e2o is a Noddy car designed to zip through the urban jungle without being worried about fuel costs and environment. Even the cost of service and maintenance is evaded, with the charge to be sourced from the household 220V socket. Four passengers can of slimmer size be easily fitted inside, but the e2o still needs more infrastructures to prove success in the nation.

Mahindra e2o

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