Ford EcoSport facelift teased

The new Ecosport from Ford has just been teased by the company on their Facebook page. The car is likely to go on sale once festive season begins in full flow and will see a number of minor updates which will allow it to keep on competing in the compact SUV segment.

The Euro-spec facilifted model of the EcoSport has already been seen and has a number of mechanical upgrades in addition to cosmetic changes. However, in India, mechanical updates are unlikely though there may be some tweaking in terms of engine tuning. As per the teaser, one can see the grille of the new EcoSport. The headlights also have DRL’s which make the car look even better and is one that consumers have been looking forward to for a while now. Unlike the Euro model though, the rear mounted spare wheel will continue to appear on the tailgate of the EcoSport.

The EcoSport will still be sold in three engine variants. This includes the 1.5 litre petrol and diesel engines as well as the 1-litre turbocharged EcoBoost engine which has garnered many accolades already. The car is expected to be seen with the onset of the festive season and no major changes in prices are likely. The EcoSport will compete with the Maruti Suzuki S-Cross and the Hyundai Creta in the compact SUV segment and with Mahindra also launching a host of new vehicles, the competition here just seems to be hotting up.


Ford India

Updated EcoSport Launched by Ford at Rs.6.79 Lakh

The new edition of the EcoSport has been launched by Ford for markets in India at a starting price of Rs.6.79 lakh. The new model has very few changes apart from a 10bhp increase in power which has been made on the diesel variant.

The car will continue to sell in three engine options. This includes the 1.0-litre three-cylinder EcoBoost and 1.5-litre Ti-VCT petrol engines which have not been changed. The 1.5-litre TDCi diesel engine though has been tweaked to deliver 98.6bhp in terms of power as well as 205Nm in terms of torque. The transmission will continue to be available in a six speed automatic and a five speed manual option.

Another change is that a new colour option will be available on the EcoSport now. A new “Golden Brown” colour option will be available now and there will also be DRL’s available on the top end models.

Ford EcoSport

According to President and Managing Director of Ford India, Nigel Harris, with more than 2,00,000 Ford EcoSport owners, Ford has managed to create the standard and is continuing to garner praise for both their value as well as quality in terms of the EcoSport. The new launch is to make the EcoSport even more irresistible during the festive season and the new features look more stylish and have added the benefit of added power to the SUV.

The Ford EcoSport has already seen a lot of success in the Indian markets but will now face tough competition following this launch.


Ford EcoSport And Figo Gets Extended Warranty Of Five Years

Sometimes the ad doesn’t sells, but an extended warranty does. Automotive industry has turned responsive to such add-ons, where the marketing perception connects audience with a mode of saving ownership cost. The warranty period is an important tool which these automakers keep hammering the nail with to penetrate deeper. And the max period of five years sounds like a delight in India when it is offered with the star product of Ford, EcoSport.

Ford officially announced its two cars, Figo and EcoSport, will now remain available on sales floor with 100,000kms or five years of extended warranty. Earlier, the deal was of 100,000kms or four years whichever is earlier.

Ford covers mechanical, electrical and labour loss under the warranty, whereas the regular service, worn and torn and accidental damages aren’t paid under this.

Ford EcoSport And Figo Gets Extended Warranty Of Five Years

As standard, customers of a Ford are offered two-years or 100,000kms warranty, which they should extend before it runs out for further two years. The extended warranty is also transferrable, which will benefit the other party if the vehicle is sold.

Ford EcoSport And Figo Gets Extended Warranty Of Five Years

Other cars available at Ford showrooms across India are Classic, Fiesta and Endeavour that comes only four years of extended warranty or 100,000kms.

Nissan Compact SUV In Development Against The Ford EcoSport

They say, hit the iron when it is red hot. That’s what Nissan is just about to do. Prepared an EcoSport rival, the Japanese bike maker had built a compact SUV to hit the growing of market of such a segment in India, confirmed by a source. The vehicle will see similar dynamics and spec of the Kicks Concept that was unveiled in South America.

Under the bonnet, in its engine bay, no one else would dare to take the place of a famous K9K 1.5-litre diesel engine in the tune of 85PS and 110PS.

The designers of North and South America both have established a co-ordination to pen down this design. Overall, the vehicle poses character of a true-blue Nissan SUV with the prominent V-grille, aggressive front and rear fascias; but the edges have gone curvaceous to kick-in some shades of the hatchbacks as well. After all, the cars from this band break ice with hatchbacks majorly in the pricing.

Nissan Compact SUV In Development Against The Ford EcoSport

However, the tail-gate mounted spare wheel is missing unlike the Ford EcoSport. If they wish to sell it in India in large numbers, such an add-on feels a ‘must’ for the market like us, that’s what is proven successful with the said model of Ford. And the length will go precisely under 4-metres for deriving the tax-benefits.

Nissan Compact SUV In Development Against The Ford EcoSport

Ford EcoSport Facelift At Geneva Was Without Rear-Mounted Spare Wheel

Ford EcoSport, the heartthrob of Indian automotive bench, saw a facelift at the Geneva Motor show. The compact SUV that is sold in large numbers across the nation, mostly due to tail gate mounted spare wheel, now for the facelift in Europe is ripped off that tranquility. The reason cited: tail gate mounted spare wheel isn’t perceived as a gesture of sophistication in that continent, instead they refer it as a sign of utility. Now, to game big on that, maker removed that extra wheel and fixed a new bumper with a diffuser, repositioned tail-gate handle and number plate fixture for the more settled posture. A one of the trims present at venue also housed black sunroof and mirror caps, along with the 17-inch wheels and privacy glass. But as per reports, the standard buyers will be able to drive away with tyre mobility kit; and those wishing to go with the taste as per Indian buyers can opt for the rear-mounted spare wheel which continues to stay there in the ‘optional list’.

No changes reported from the technical point of view, not anything other than the more stiffness added to hassis, tweaked spring and damper, and reduction in ride height by 10mm. All of them had compelled the maker to return a better drivability which it did the job by refining the power-steering mechanisms and ESP.

Ford EcoSport

Moving inside the cabin, noticeable changes comes across the vision with regards to those chrome encircling on new speed diodes, reworked hand brake lever position, partly leather seats (only for a selected trim), and better sound deadening material around the pedals, dashboard and doors. A four-inch color display is also added on the Europe-spec variants. The winter pack for the cold climates will get buyers the heated seats, windscreen, mirrors and also the rear seat ducts. Ford has said to include satellite navigation and rearview camera by the end of this year on EcoSport. Applying the EU6 norms there gained the EcoSport more 5bhp of power on all the trims across the range of diesel variants. Buyers in Europe can buy the new Fiesta-based compact SUV only after June.

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the gifting, gifts to loved ones don’t match the usual standard of a purchase. After all, when the idea is taken into consider of gifting a car to the girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, certainly, it has to be something she may have desired for past many years. In other worlds one can say, those models should be the girl’s most loved cars. Mentioned here is a list of models which one shall refer to gifting his better half on February 14.

Mini Cooper

On the top of this list appears Mini Cooper. The convertible version of it is the top pick if buyer is endowed to spend more than Rs 3 million (or Rs 30 lakh) at least.

Volkswagen Beetle

Another girl’s favourite is Volkswagen Beetle. The most loved car around the world and seriously looked upon as the best gift a girl may receive in her lifetime, with regards to its image it carried over for years. VW Beetle is also famous for being gifted to celebrities by their husbands, intentionally lists it on the priority list.

Cars To Gift Your Girlfriend On Valentine's Day

Ford EcoSport

Girls nowadays are admiring this compact SUV a lot. For the chunky appeal and multi-purpose application, EcoSport happens to be an all-rounder, where the women will never complain after receiving it, and it even falls worthy on the pocket for as low as a shade more than Rs 6 lakh, at a price of hatchback.

Chevrolet Beat

The most affordable option for everyone: Chevrolet Beat is the small car that comes handy to cruise in the city, looks appealing yet aggressive, falls in the budget car category of Rs 4 lakh, and comes with the diesel engine. Ultimately, the bowtie logo on its wide grinning face has been polishing its aesthetics since long back.

Nissan Micra

Nissan’s MIcra failure may have many reasons, but the cars which it has sold have a one strong reason – it appeals the fairer sex a lot. To say it precisely, that Beetle-ish looks and staying friendly to pockets, staring at more than Rs 5 lakh (approximately) this is a cool option to look at amongst the hatchbacks. Additionally, the company also offers the Micra ‘Active’ version for the cost-conscious buyers where it comes for as low as Rs 4 lakh (approximately).

Range Rover Evoque

Niches had taken the toll here. Range Rover Evoque is the most admired SUV by ladies around the world. With cutesy design and a lot to offer of the luxury inside, it is handy to drive. And being Range Rover from its gene, no worries come across the makeup of lady drivers at climbing a hill or crossing a river sitting in this ultimate luxury.

Honda Mobilio

Honda’s Mobilio is for those who love to go with space but in the size of compact sedan. Mobilio marked its success with great numbers being sold month after month. The tug of price was had concluded Honda to sell it for lesser than Rs 6 lakh (approximate) in the starting variant. The diesel option is also available.

Volkswagen Polo

The Polo of VW makes sense for a brilliant gifting idea. Combined with the German engineering, and sheer driving pleasure, asks it to deliver a complete peace of mind every time the buyer steps in.

Datsun GO

The most looked car in the budget category which offers the comfort of a hatchback. The car hits three digit-speed without taking a hitch, as other cars does of this segment. The control and agility to maneuver over every patch of road makes it to stand aggressively on this list. Though, we miss a diesel variant for the GO, but its fuel-efficiency makes up the mood everytime after leaving the petrol station.

Honda Brio

Here, the Brio is just another fine option to look for if sworn to buy a car for the ladies. Hence, this compact Honda is fun to drive and the confidence of Japanese engineering is worth talking of even in this small package.  Although, no diesel option given, makes some buyers turned away from the showrooms, but if like to choose as a gift it will sprung the receiver with joy after driving it.

Best Cars of 2013

Car launches in India during 2013 under Rs 10 lakh category had given the market some reminiscent model plates. Though, some of the badges were so deliberate, the whole world waited for their arrival. A nearby guess could gemmed in names like Ford EcoSport and Hyundai i10 Grand, but there are more to the category that may be well profound with the balance between money asked and value delivered.

1.    Ford EcoSport

Everybody’s favorite, the Ford EcoSport raised eyebrows when it debuted to the world, and most of the markets had chucked its taste. Landing here in India for as minimum as Rs 5.59 lakh on the launch pad, it trails a long waiting period behind. Available in number of trims and various engine options inclusive of 1.0L turbocharged petrol EcoBoost, 1.5L normally aspirated petrol 1.5L normally aspirated diesel, large numbers of buyers are attracted to it deliberately.

Ford EcoSport

2.    Hyundai i10 Grand

Hyundai wanted to make a retentive comeback in the mass segment with a stronger statement, but with the i10 Grand it had floored everyone! Even, the sedan version Xcent launched in 2014, the hatchback made incredible moves with its availability in petrol and diesel engine both. Note: petrol version too is launched with automatic gearbox.

Hyundai i10 Grand

3.    Honda Amaze

Honda’s first diesel was awaited for years, and the debut was scripted in advance – to eat up the sales in bulk. No to doubts, the Honda Amaze did same what it was expected of, the huge fanfare and record sales numbers welcomed the first diesel for India the 1.5L i-DTEC.

Honda Amaze

4.    Nissan Terrano

Renault Duster – too old – Nissan Terrano – quite new, is what the chirpies around market making haywire of. Nissan Terrano is the re-badge version of Duster, but works done by designers are quite impeccable and look altogether fresh. The diamond cut alloys and V-stride front grill of the Nissan family is adding stealth to the package. It was launched at Rs 9.58 lakh in two state of tunes of engine for diesel (85PS & 110PS), likewise Renault Duster.

Nissan Terrano

5.    Fiat Linea Classic

Fiat, despite being Italian in nature the brand still fiddles hard to sell its cars in numbers, where one of its examples was the Linea. While chalking out a new equation of delivering a sedan for a price of hatchback, there came out the Linea Classic that is toned down on cosmetic flairs, and also on engine power. Not to worry, the 2014 Linea facelift, which is now available in showroom at the pocket-friendly price tag, so who still whishes to buy the Italians over the rest can have their way to Fiat showrooms, because after the launch of Jeep in India by Fiat (which is still at a dwindling phase) carmaker may not have enough time to look after the mass products.

Fiat Linea Classic

6.    New Tata Sumo

New Tata Sumo, the badge is so old that it fails to entice the very urban buyers even at a throw away price for the newer version. Hence, it doesn’t means the MUV of Tata is of no use. But out there in the semi urban areas and tourist space, the Mercedes Glendwagen Indian copy is in great demand because of its very rugged nature. Whatever the reason maybe, we are concerned about the tweaks that Tata Motors gave to the 2013 Sumo badge, which is not huge in numbers but remarkable enough to maintain the balance between all the sects of buyers at a very conventional price. Hopefully, we are deemed looking forward to the all-wheel drive variant of Sumo, what say…

New Tata Sumo

7.    Volkswagen Polo GT

Volkswagen Polo GT is not for the conventional buyers. Instead, who wants an additional dose of adrenaline inside that same cabin of hatchback then Polo GT is the right answer. The power in petrol variant may not be in abundance to that of the hi-end GTs, but the diesel variant is claimed to be most powerful hatchback in the country of the segment.

Volkswagen Polo GT

8.    Chevrolet Enjoy

Chevrolet Enjoy, finally Chevy got its years’ ace for contributing to the numbers pre-decided to meet the year’s target. Enjoy is an all new product for India to the brand, competing the likes of Maruti Ertiga, Nissan Evalia and Askok Leyland Stile. Host of – diesel and petrol engine, this American MPV lacks some final touches inside out; but that’s alright when looked at the given price tag Rs 5.49 lakh ex-showroom Delhi at the launch. We can imagine if the wheels of Enjoy would have grown a size bigger, the sales could have bloomed much better.

Chevrolet Enjoy

9.    Mahindra Verito Vibe

Mahindra is quite obvious to the fields of SUVs and UVs, making foray into the hatchback segment sounds one of their biggest challenge. The Verito Vibe may feel a boot-chopped Verito. Look to it from inside, it’s better than most of the competitors out there in the market. Generous on space and ample of features for a very gentle price, Verito Vibe is the whole of sedan in the nutshell of hatchback.

Mahindra Verito Vibe

10.    Mahindra e2o

Don’t be amazed, it has to be applauded Mahindra tried two fresh segments in 2013. The former one (hatchback) was quite simpler, as it had success rates witnessed throughout the time, but the EVs, they were as fresh as fallen snow for the Indian market. e2o is a Noddy car designed to zip through the urban jungle without being worried about fuel costs and environment. Even the cost of service and maintenance is evaded, with the charge to be sourced from the household 220V socket. Four passengers can of slimmer size be easily fitted inside, but the e2o still needs more infrastructures to prove success in the nation.

Mahindra e2o

Ford EcoSport with Daytime Running LED Launched In India

Ford EcoSport is touching new heights every day, but those who had already owned it, or planning to have soon, here is a good news for them.

The compact SUV of Ford is now dwelled with “daytime running lights” for an additional sum of Rs 14,000. The feature is included in the accessory list, and not as a standard in the package.

However, the car is boasting enough enthusiasm amongst audience for its candy-ish looks – mixed with toughness. An addition of LED will be like a strawberry topping on the vanilla cake.

Ford EcoSport

Given amount of Rs 14k is inclusive of LED DRLs along with wiring and warranty. Ford calls the headlamps equipped with DRLs as “Signature Headlamps” in the accessory list.

The DRL will be embedded inside the headlamp cluster in form of a thin line.

Ford EcoSport New
It is no surprise that the Ford too sells EcoSport abroad with sunroof and LED as a part of the package. Here, days earlier, at the Delhi Auto Expo we spotted the EcoSport with a sunroof too, where the carmaker is about to make its debut soon in India, but (sunroof) as an accessory.

No changes reported on the technical front; continues to do with the 1.0L EcoBoost (petrol), 1.5L Ti-VCT (petrol) and 1.5L TDCi (diesel).

Ford EcoSport 2014

Mahindra Outsells Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport in the Run of SUV for FY 2013-14

Mahindra Scorpio isn’t of the nature to be outcast by others, whether it’s on the off-road or on the sales sheet. Reprimanded its triumph over the rivals once again , a report on internet is claiming the Mahindra SUV to have grossed more sales numbers than the Renault Duster and Ford EcoSport.

It is been reported, Mumbai based carmaker M&M sold more than 50,900 units of Scorpio in the FY14, while the Renault’s Duster managed to make only 46,700 cars rolled out, and Ford’s EcoSport standing third on the podium with sale of 45,000 units. Mahindra also posted its highest-ever monthly sales of Scorpio during March 2014 with 5,605 units, most of was contributed by the festive buying of Gudi Padva in Maharashtra and Navratras in the North. One more reason that was cited to be the major clause for the highest selling during the last month was – the huge demand of Scorpio from political parties for their Lok Sabha elections campaigning. The competitors would be jealous for being so sophisticated in cosmetics for losing the SUV battle ground during the FY 2013-14.

Mahindra Scorpio

Scorpio facelift is also on the way to hit Indian shores soon in the coming one-two years; so as the Renault is planning to bring in its Duster facelift to the country in the same time. Meanwhile, the Ford EcoSport would have to survive like that in the similar condition for the near future, as it is been recently launched. Hopefully, it will be more of a tough fight than now of SUV/compact SUV in the coming future as various other brands had also agreed to bring in their horses for the same race. Well, it will be interesting to see whether the victory will be brought to the table of tough brigadiers or would be for the sophisticated gentlemen’s car which can only make a pose of SUV rather than functioning wholly like it.

Ford EcoSport waiting period might get extended

Ford EcoSport, the compact SUV that had recently been launched by the company has done exceptionally well in the market. Ford is not being able to meet the production targets of the car due to material shortage as a result of which the waiting period of the car is expected to be extended up to eight months. The head of Ford India, Nigel Harris, pointed out during the launch of Ford Figo compact sedan that their third shift of the Chennai plant has not yet kicked off due to lack of availability of certain materials. He has pointed out that the company is constantly trying to find different ways of increasing their production.

Nigel has said that though the company wants to increase its production and also start the third shift, it will not be possible for them to do so without materials. In order to meet their current demands, they will need to know the kind of material they have. It is evident that without material supplies like metal parts, trims and other basic items, Ford India cannot even think of starting the third shift since they are already facing trouble running the second shift. Approximately 350 EcoSports are produced by the company in a single shift.

Ford EcoSport

Looking at the situation of the company, dealers are not taking bookings for the diesel or automatic variant. With a booking of over 60,000 EcoSports, Ford India might stop the bookings for the period in order to meet the outburst of demand.