Bidding starts for the much awaited Chevrolet Corvette

The much talked about Chevrolet Corvette has sparked many rumors before its arrival both amongst the buyers as well as the sellers. The cars first look was revealed after it was available for online auction on eBay, even though the car is to arrive no sooner than mid 2013.

The car’s C7 generation, left millions surprised after it was seen available for bidding on the eBay website. It actually makes you the first ones to buy this much awaited car since it is yet to hit the markets reportedly in late 2014 or early 2014. The stink of all this hustle is that there is not much known about the car even though it involves a big amount of money.

Bidding starts for the much awaited Chevrolet Corvette

It is just disclosed in the given information that there is availability of an option of placing a deposit on the car right now, 10 per cent of which will be non-refundable. It’s a real tiff for the buyers as well as the sellers as there isn’t much to know about the car and still there is an auction available. While both the buyers and sellers can bid for the cars, the company must really launch more details about the car if it wants to attract more fans and customers.

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