BMW Could Launch 9-Series Against Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

BMW’s desire of getting over the Mercedes is whisking another shape. As rumoured by a source, the Maybach has gotten the eyes of Bavarian engineers, and since the German carmaker is catching up to develop a 9-Series – the imminent rival to that exclusive sedan of Benz.

Concreting the said thinking of drawing board to a metallic future, the Vision Future Luxury Concept unveiled has strong possibility to lend the 9-Series its head start trolling till the production.

Yet, the green flag isn’t waived for the eldest sedan, but BMW had claimed “a long-term outlook on perception of modern luxury for brand,” at the unveiling of that aforesaid concept.

BMW Could Launch 9-Series Against Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Approximately, as per the speculations, there does lays the expectations of 5500mm wheelbase, where the laser headlights, OLED taillights, and those B pillars (of the concept) would be replaced with conventional ones – if the 9-Series goes into production.

However, the way for 9-Series is still filled with abundant of ‘ifs and buts’, so expecting a practical answer to it this soon is unconvincing.

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