Volkswagen Mulling Powerful Polos For India

As we are talking here, Volkswagen Polo is getting hotter than before.

Reported by a source, the hatchback of German carmaker will be positioned more enthusiastically, than a small family hatch. More performance versions are the sounded answers for Polo to make a comeback with vengeance in the Indian market.

However, in this segment there are scanty, or rather next to none, competitors to rival with. Since the Polo is launched on Indian shores, it failed to attract sales number, where due to its maintenance cost and fuel-economy remained major driving away factors for the chunk of buyers. For the so called ‘a shift’, it resounds beneficiary to VW to make it sell where it does get the eyeballs set easily.

Launch of Polo GT directed the brand to decide the way further. Since, then the talks were going to import Golf GT, but the cars in Polo GT price band could suit the marketing condition better.

Volkswagen Mulling Powerful Polos For India

Now, a couple of options are there before the VW. A 150bhp Polo GT, or the 189bhp Polo GTI. Latter is seriously quicker (0-100 in 6.7 seconds). And both the engines are already homologated for Indian market. The 1.4-litre TSI unit (of GT) is found fitted in the bay of base Skoda Octavia model, while the bigger 1.8-litre TSi is logged under the hood of 1.8 Octavia in slightly detuned manner.

Major ruckus are going to be seen by both the models apparently, the price tag, which may fall very drastically on the horizon. For an example, the GTI, if assembled in India, would cost minimum Rs 17 lakh (approx), which for the size of a Swift hatchback is a bit tough to sell. That said, the upcoming Polo variants are typically for enthusiasts, so those concerning utility are going to be immensely disappointed. Both of them will act as brand builders for the Volkswagen.

Source: Autocar India

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