BMW Readies 1 Series Based MPV

After revealing the Pininfarina Grand Lusso concept in Italy last week, BMW is now said to be readying the 1 Series based mini MPV. Taking the boat in a new shallow, BMW will make this MPV a seven seater which will compete with the B Class which is positioned aggressively against the 1 Series. This model is said to make a global debut by next year at Geneva 2014 Motor Show.

The differences between the BMW Active Tourer Concept of 2012 Paris Motor Show and the new 1 Series makeover are the longer rear doors and the stretched rear roof. Hence one can also call it as 1 Series GT while looking at its ergonomics.

BMW Readies 1 Series
However, launch dates are still in the dark but we hope the bespoken model plate to make initial debut in the standard wheelbase only, followed by stretched version at a later stage, expectedly till 2015.

BMW Readies 1 Series Back View

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