BMW X7, X8, CS in works

The race of luxury crossovers has begun and the German titans, BMW and Audi are flaring their range of crossovers. While Audi has the Q2, Q4, Q6 and Q8 up its luxury SUV lineup, BMW is mulling over the expansion of its X range crossovers, and first up is the X7.

According to recent reports, the BMW X7 in works will battle against the Land Rover Range Rover, Bentley EXP 9 F and upcoming Lamborghini SUV, the Urus. To battle against the ultimate off-roading machine, the German automaker will have to offer the X7 with brutal off-road abilities. There is no official word from BMW, but the sources suggest that the X7 will have a coupic appearance similar to the X6, while the platform sharing will be with the X5. Having said that, the BMW X7 will have luxury interiors adopted from the BMW 7-series.

BMW X7, X8, CS in works

According to reports, the German automaker is also considering a production remake of the CS concept. This car will be similar to Rolls Royce luxury cars, and there can be technology sharing from the BMW owned brand. It will be positioned above the 7-Series and feature carbon fiber body and structure. Another model that is rumored to make into production is the China exclusive BMW 7-Series extended wheelbase.

On the other hand, the X8 Sports Activity Vehicle is also likely to make it into production. While the BMW X7 is an oversized, off-road, crossover, the X8 is a coupic version of the X7. There is also a chance that X8 is introduced as a concept version, while the production version is from the German automaker’s latest ‘i’ line of vehicles, possibly the i6. It is said to follow the same design philosophy as the X4 that is expecting a 2014 debut and will go up against the Audi Q2.

While both the German titans have the best of offer in every segment, it is still too early to put your bet on anyone.

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