Bullet proof Tata Safari now available from Tata Motors

In a bid to entice the top guns to go in for their local products, Tata Motors have introduced a new variant of the Tata Safari with factory fitted armour protection. This puts to rest one of the biggest concerns for all those politicians, CEOs and film stars, that of terrorist attacks. This vehicle would be a hit in Jammu and Kashmir if not the rest of India. Earlier on people used to buy the regular Tata Safaris and then get them converted to bullet proof vehicles from the market but then Tata Motors thought that if their vehicle has such a potential, then why not introduce it themselves at a premium.

The price that one has to pay for the armoured Tata Safari is Rs 60 lakhs, ex-show room, Delhi. The vehicle’s suspension has been upgraded to handle the additional weight of the armoury. The BS4 compliant SUV has got a bit of altered ratios to compensate for the weight gain. Its top speed is now 150 kmph whereas 60% percent skewed slopes can be ascended. The modifications now incorporate a grenade explosion right under its belly without even giving a scratch to the fuel tank. The fuel tank is now made up of explosive suppressant material. Moreover if the tyres of the cars are punctured, the vehicle can still go at a speed of maximum 60 kmph for 50 kilometers, without upsetting its balance. An AK-47 or even a Kalashnikov rifle cannot break its glass or penetrate through the body.

It may be recalled that earlier on last year, Tata Motors had introduced their Land Rovers with armour protection. Those vehicles were the Range Rover and the Discovery. The price for the former was Rs 4 crores whereas the latter was available for Rs 3.75 crores. The armoured Tata Safari and the Land Rovers are both NIJ Level III/B6 protection levels and some of the Tata Safaris are already in use by the Special Protection Group (SPG). Moreover some of the security agencies also use the armoured Tata Safaris. Since this is going to be a built on demand on product, it wouldn’t be displayed in the show rooms.

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