Buyer’s Guide to Buy a New Car

Planning on car shopping soon? Choosing a car does leave buyers with a stiff spine. It is an important decision that involves much more than style and comfort. Before purchasing a car, many have queries, the most important one being the cost of the car and the features that one is likely to get as a best deal. One must plan how the car will be used. There are several reasons why people buy cars- for recreation, weekend trips, daily commuting and driving in the city. Other factors should also be kept in mind such as service network, fuel efficiency, and size of the family, safety and seating capacity.

Ask yourself questions such as:

  • What is my budget?
  • What kind of car will suit the my lifestyle
  • Would my city or my area permit a huge car parking?
  • What cars are available in this segment
  • What would be the EMI in case the loan is taken?
  • Am I looking for a sports utility vehicle, a sedan or a compact car
  • What features would I like to have in my car
  • What is the right option for insurance?

Buyer’s Guide to Buy a New Car

When more than four queries are answered, you can be nearly sure of your investments.  Given below are few tips that the buyer has to keep in mind while planning to buy a new car.

1.    Identify the type of car you wish to buy

  • The amount that will be paid for the new vehicle should be calculated.
  • Market surveys should be read for choosing the right car.
  • The dealers should be sought after for best deals and the prices should not vary when it comes to an on-road pricing.

2.    The right deal should be chosen

  • Cars with attractive rebates and incentives should be chosen. Be very clear with your wants. Some people exchange new car for old ones to get better deals.
  • One should be careful of hidden incentives.
  • Loan takers should structure their payments to fit their pockets. Calculating comfortable rate of interests can always be bargained out with car dealers. Always calculate the rate of interest.

3.    The quality and the feature of the car should be analyzed.

  • The additional optional fittings and the features that are offered should be checked because different packages are offered for different cars.
  • You must always check for important factors such as safety, service network and mileage.

4.    Expert reviews should be gathered

  • Expert comments and reviews on the vehicle should be read. A basic online search can help you gather reviews of the car you have been eyeing.
  • A comparative study should be done with other vehicles for checking various added benefits.
  • The mileage, seating capacity, engine power and various technical specifications should be analyzed.

5.    Check the insurance, warranties and financing

  • You must always opt for a car loan that has the lowest interest.
  • Always ask for incentives that are offered by the manufacturer.
  • Enquire about the service contract or the extended warranty.
  • Automobile insurance is a must and insurance policies from different insurance companies should be reviewed for making the right choice.
  • Always check with the insurance companies before buying a new car. Comparison of these insurance rates should be made for making the right choice.

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