Maruti Eyes on Revolutionizing the Small Car Segment with its 800cc Diesel Engine

Maruti Suzuki, a leading car manufacturer in India plans to come up with an 800 cc diesel engine. With the launch of this powerful 40PS engine expected to deliver 25-30 kmpl, the car manufacturer eyes to revolutionize the Indian small car market. The powerful engine is expected to venture into the country in about 6 to 12 months for indigenisation but the actual rollout is expected by 2015.

Through secret sources it has been revealed that the engine is codenamed E2 and is found to be placed under the next generation A-Star or the global Alto. It is also revealed that the project is at an initial stage with great efforts, hard work, and dedication put into it to ensure the expected level of performance.

Maruti Eyes on Revolutionizing the Small Car Segment with its 800cc Diesel Engine

Talking about the project, the Maruti Suzuki Managing Director S Nakanishi said, “It’s my dream to see a smaller diesel engine.” Further to that, while discovering the cost of the engine, a senior R&D expert said, “It is very tough to develop a smaller engine and tune it to perfection. It is difficult to turn a four-cylinder diesel engine into three cylinders, but it is tougher to move to two cylinders and yet get the desired power, performance and mileage. And, most importantly, at a cost which is affordable.”

The above statement clearly states that the company is looking forward for a powerful engine at a cost-effective price. The day it would be rolled out, it would certainly be a complete package of performance, fuel efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Years ago, the tiny little car, Maruti 800, was successful in transforming the Indian car market. Following the trend, with this new project, Maruti is again paving way to a completely new revolution in the small car segment.

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