Calcutta HC Asks West Bengal Govt. to File Affidavit Against Tata’s in Singur Case

The dispute in the Singur land case between Tata Motors and the government of West Bengal is now turned full circle as it heads back to the HC in Calcutta. The HC has reportedly asked the government of West Bengal to file affidavit against the auto manufacturer’s petition to amend their earlier petition that challenges the Singur Land Act by WB government.

Justice Saumitra Pal has reportedly directed the government of West Bengal to file their opposition for the petition out by Tata by Monday. He has also asked Tata Motors to file their reply by Wednesday itself.

The original petition filed by the auto manufacturer on June 22, had asked for a status quo, as they apprehended that the plot in Singur that was leased to them, would be taken over by the government.

The counsels for the company moving the application for amendment before court had appealed for it to be heard ‘in camera’. Following the agreement of the state’s counsels, Justice Pal had stated that the case would be heard in his chamber. Following a hearing that lasted 20 minutes, the court had asked both of the parties involved to file their affidavits and stated that the issue would be heard on Thursday, along side the original petition that challenged the Singur Act. The Apex Court has stayed distribution of Singur plot to farmers who are unwilling, until the HC disposes the original petition.

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