Car driving tips for various occasion

I think driving is like working in an office. Sometime the days are tough, sometime it is the best day, sometimes your boss keeps a constant vigil on you and sometimes your boss is on holiday and you’re free to do to whatever you want to. Even the end result is almost same as well. In the office you earn money and while driving your car you earn the experience. India is especially filled with various experiences to learn. While in office you take a lot of precaution and you pre-decide things, then why not while driving. So here, I offer you my own experience and lets see what you can get out of that.

I personally like driving at the time of dawn. The beautiful colours in the sky look so beautiful. But then my hazy vision due to the lack of proper sleep makes it all impossible to see anything clearly, even the cars on the road and to add to that, the sun yet hasn’t been much kind to us and the darkness is holding on to the city. Oh boy, something zoomed right in front of me. Those truck drivers. I don’t know what they are competing against. But there’s nothing I can do about them. So, I guess I should calm down a bit and let ‘my’ consciousness come to my senses atleast.

It’s the moan-day again, what’s the time right now? Oh hell I’m late to office again. Tch, I will meet a lot of traffic on the road. I have to make it early anyhow. Ok I’m fine and I still have some time in my hand. But what the heck, everyone seems to be in a hurry. It’s quite tough to find an aspirin, to get me out of this traffic but I think this hurry can be avoided only if I could have been a little bit punctual. I won’t let the ghost of the traffic haunt me ever again. There’s is only one way of cutting through the traffic and that is being before time. Lets try this medicine next time.

Yeyy, the weekends are here. I think that I will get a clean road today, a traffic free road. But the last time it was a weekend it was jam packed. I don’t know, I think its waste to assume that the road will be empty or jammed. Expect the unexpected that’s what they say about weekends but I’m sure about the rowdy drivers. I have to be a little more careful with those rowdy drivers. It’s better to be safe than to be hit by someone like that. But the question remains, what to do in this weekend? Since, it’s been a hell of a work in the office this week, I guess I should relax a little bit. What about going to Pune at my friends farmhouse? Good idea. Finally I’m on the highway going to my destination for this weekend but my car is stuffed, I can’t see anything from my rear view mirror. I guess I have to keep a constant vigil at the side rear view mirrors. Oh, those rowdy drivers are spread everywhere and why each and every person does have a plan to go out today? Any ways I have to monitor my speed, and keep a tab on the brakes and most importantly avoid overtaking.

It’s been a fun night at the pub. And it’s good that I didn’t drink, but then what about the other drunk drivers. I have to be a little careful. In spite of the continuous efforts by the government, people still drink and drive. Why to endanger someone else’s life? I guess I’ll just keep my eyes on the road as well as strict eyes on the rear view mirror. Those trucks are making it impossible for me to drive in a slow speed but I guess I can’t, so let’s increase my driving speed by 15 to 17 percent as well as my consciousness.

So finally the rains are here as well as potholes everywhere. Reduced vision is making it impossible for me to drive. Arrgh, what this fellow auto driver is doing? Why the sudden turn? Oh it is because of the potholes. I just realised when I hit one. Probably I’ll just keep my eyes on the front wheels of the vehicle in front of me so as to know when the vehicle is going to take a sharp turn in order to avoid the potholes and since these wet roads are making all the vehicles more accidental prone, let’s maintain a proper distance and use our wipers properly for a clear vision.

One of the dreaded times is here. Winters, I hate winters. Even my car hates winters. Almost impossible to drive in that foggy atmosphere. Cars come closer than normal because of the reduced vision. But what to do? I guess there’s no way out except the proper use of headlamps, fog lamps and the most important, horn of the car. There is not much to the safety I can manage in winter except these small-small precautions.

“Dahi Handi” a local festival of Maharashtra is here. The roads will be jammed due to the pot breaking gangs. Every where it will be commotion. But I need to go to my aunt’s place as soon as possible. What to do? Should I drive fast in order to reach there fast? Will it cut down the traffic? No, absolutely not, how stupid of me to think that. I guess I need to go with flow. I have to be slow and steady. On the other hand the faster I’ll try to reach there, the more frustrated I’ll be. So lets remain calm. Peace out.

I thought Dahi Handi will be the only festival but how stupid of me to think that. The Indian calendar is full of festivals. Local gangs will be swarming on the roads of India. I’ll have to be careful about those firecrackers. People don’t even pay attention at what they are doing these days. I have to sneak out to the safe places and move slowly with the traffic. Have to plan my going out according to that day’s traffic and have to keep my ears open for any announcement on the radio about the traffic situation of the city. These days radios are boon to the drivers.

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